20 November 2012

Star Comics cereal:geek article #12

As many of you will know I continue to self-publish cereal:geek magazine; the one-hundred page glossy magazine dedicated to the cartoons of the eighties. I have incredibly talented individuals write articles for the magazine. However, when I required an article covering the Masters of the Universe comic book published by Marvel's Star Comics imprint I knew I had to write this article myself, given that I have such strong views on this series! As I have rarely covered the Star Comics series on this Blog I thought it would be good to showcase the article I wrote for the magazine across a group of posts.

So here I present the twelfth part of the article...

Issue thirteen begins with the heroes camped outside Castle Grayskull, now controlled by Skeletor. As the small band of rebels begin their mission it is revealed that Skeletor observes everything, and in some incredibly creepy scenes we see Skeletor effortlessly capturing Teela in the form of Zoar. It is not long before the heroes are captured and chained in Skeletor's throne room; the villain sporting elements of his live-action movie costume.

Both future and past Adams retrieve the Sword of Power and call upon the Power of Grayskull, resulting in the appearance of two He-Mans! As the future He-Man and future Skeletor engage in one final battle Castle Grayskull begins to crumble all around them. As the rebels escape, the castle explodes presumably killing both He-Man and Skeletor. Across Eternia, inspired by Adam's rewriting of the Obelisk, the people rebel against the evil that has enslaved their planet and within one single day Eternia becomes a world of peace.

Although having achieved a great deal Adam is still understandably saddened by recent events and tells Teela, "Because of my actions thirty years ago, Skeletor enslaved my people, killed your mother and father and caused untold suffering!" After discovering a way to get back to the past Adam remarks to Teela, "I thought I could get along without He-Man. But that's like saying I can get along without accepting my responsibility to decide my future!" Teela hugs Adam beautifully stating, "That's what you really came here to find, isn't it?"

Arriving back in the past Adam is overjoyed to see all his loved ones alive and well. Almost knowing that the series had been cancelled the final page has Prince Adam transforming into He-Man atop Castle Grayskull declaring that "He-Man is here to stay!!", with the last caption stating, "Never...The End".

Issue thirteen when compared to issue twelve probably isn't as strong, but this is due to the sheer number of revelations and power of storytelling in the first part of the story.

To be continued...

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pH6 said...

Evil-Lyn's innuendo to Teela almost alone makes this issue worth it.

Kevin Martinell said...

A brilliant idea to feature two versions of He-Man and Skeletor, but so sad to hear about the deaths and the destruction of Castle Grayskull! I was personally glad that the cartoon never featured any deaths like this, but I do like the idea of two different versions of the heroes and villains working together. :)

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