18 December 2012

A brief review #034 - "The Dragon's Gift"

As many of you will know, in 2010 I published The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. At 300+ pages the book features 700+ pieces of trivia, 460+ deleted scenes, 360+ examples of animation reuse, 380+ quotes, 50+ abandoned episodes, and a LOT more! It is the book that NO fan of the Filmation series can live without! BUY IT NOW!

As an incentive, here is my brief review and rating (as they appear in the book) for "The Dragon's Gift"...

The first appearance of Granamyr is one of the most impressive debuts of the series. Before his presence in the script, the episode feels like a straightforward hero quest to find a cure for Man-At-Arms. But the moment Granamyr appears, because he has such a fantastic screen presence, we are captivated. Granamyr's dialogue is beautiful, and, at times, even makes He-Man look ignorant. The animation in this episode while not the best, manages to compliment the script appropriately. Larry DiTillio manages to pack the episode full of action, suspense, drama, character development and an incredible twist in the tale. Granamyr's debut is one of the most memorable of the season. 8/10

Now, may I ask; what is YOUR rating?


Kevin Martinell said...

Agreed! I liked when He-Man told Granamyr that he would not kill a life to save a life and the whole "honoring of a bargain" scenario. Granamyr was well written as a real tough character and his conversation with He-Man seemed more entertaining than the action scenes that lead up to their meeting! Teela's anger at The Sorceress for promising to keep Granamyr's location a secret, on account of finding a cure for Man-At-Arms, was well delivered too. Definitely one of the classics and I would give this one a perfect or near perfect rating! Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Mosquitor said...

This is easily the best episode of season 1 and one of the best in the entire series. 10/10 from me.

Brian Brickles said...

"The Dragon's Gift" is a wonderful example of classic 1980's TV era animation and I love the way Michael Halperin and Alfredo Alcalla adapted it for the mini-comic packaged with a couple of the figurines.

I give The Dragon's Gift' a rating of 8/10 as it presented a surprisingly lovable character in Granamyr which would make another appearance in a later episode which also taught about the dangers of prejudice.

I have written an article about "Dragon's Gift" the mini comic and look forward to your comment:

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