06 December 2012

Female Spirit.

I own quite a few model sheets, but it may surprise you to know that this one is one of my favorites. The Female Spirit was a character that appeared for about fifteen seconds in the season one He-Man episode "The Remedy". What I love about this model sheet is how gentle the character looks, and the way in which her gown flows towards the ground. It is obvious from this turnaround that the character's feet were not designed intentionally, so that the Female Spirit would appear to be floating. Although not credited, looking at the detail on the character's face, this piece was illustrated by Fred Carrillo, who also completed a great deal of layout artwork for the episode.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

1 comment:

Kevin Martinell said...

Very beautiful! This character has to be one of the most attractive female guest characters in the He-Man series, plus it would have been nice to see her model design used again, maybe in the She-Ra series. :) A shame that when we do actually see her, we only get a side-view of her face, as shown on the right, instead of more of her face, at an angle, as shown in the other two illustrations ... One of my favorite posts, James. :) Keep up the excellent work!

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