09 December 2012

I command the jaw-bridge...

At every opportunity both Val Staples and Emiliano Santalucia paid homage to the original Filmation cartoon during their time on the Masters of the Universe comic. This scene from issue four (volume two) shows He-Man commanding the jaw-bridge of Castle Grayskull to lower in exactly the same fashion as he would in the original Filmation cartoon!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Great angle and sunny background, plus that is one impressive looking sword! :)

Unknown said...

The little boy with the curly hair sat cross legged with eyes
unblinking as he watched TV. It was 15:00 and Season 2 of a 22 minute
animated show was starting :- He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe.
Minutes before, his mother, a burly housewife in her mid 40's was
searching the lounge cupboards for a blank Beta videocassette but to no

Kompass, a 3 minute Afrikaans Christian programme was already on and
five year old Brian was becoming impatient as he wanted to record the
very first episode of Season 2. He had completely missed out on Season 1
as he was not interested in television the previous year.

A man who resembled Joshua Doore in the flesh presented the programme
and Brian was too young to fully grasp what the man was talking about;
besides he was wandering whether they would find a blank piece of
recording tape in time.

"There's some space at the end of this Cosby Show tape Nathan," Brian
suggested. Nathan was his twelve year old cousin who was staying over
for the September school holidays. TV 1 as it was called in those days
was not yet tuned into the Beta cassette recorder's memory as no-one had
yet recorded anything from this channel before.

The cuckoo clock struck three and seconds later "I am Adam, Prince of
Eternia and ....." sounded like an alarm bell to Brian's ears. However,
the picture was not yet tuned in and there were dots over the image of a
man who appeared on an all grey screen.

Nuno Mata said...


A great cene from Emilliano!

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