03 January 2013

Attacking Catra's tower!

The rarely-seen four story She-Ra Ladybird compilation book was interesting in that aside from including two new stories, it included two previously published stories in "Catra's Ice Palace" and "She-Ra and the Golden Goose", renamed "The Golden Goose" for this publication. The most striking thing about "Catra's Ice Palace" is that due to the size of this compilation book being a different format, the illustrations that accompanied the story were completely redrawn. Previously the story had been illustrated by Geoff Senior, but this time Glenn Steward illustrated it, to tie into the fact that the other three stories in the compilation were illustrated by him! Here I present a pretty striking illustration featuring She-Ra and Frosta astride Swift Wind attacking Catra's tower in the Fright Zone using their respective powers to unleash great fury upon the villainess! Once again I love the simplicity of which Glenn Steward illustrates the characters, because it is beautifully contrasted with the stunningly painted backgrounds.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Looks like there was a well-placed opening around the clouds just above Catra's lair, so that She-Ra could easily find her target. :)

Captain Mendoc said...

Hello James,

Have you ever uploaded the image of one of the 'Masters' with a narwhal in a Ladybird book? I think it was a Robin Davies, and there were a few different drawings. It might be He-Man or Teela holding onto its side as it swims. I'm trying to find an online pic of it to show my friend!


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