18 February 2013


"Quest for He-man" layout artwork

Throughout this month The Power and The Honor Foundation in conjunction with The He-Man and She-Ra Blog will be showcasing never-before-seen Filmation production artwork.

Here we see a piece of layout from the He-Man episode "Quest for He-man" featuring He-Man, Gleedil, and Plundor. This scene is fairly static with the only movement being Plundor's entrance into the scene and his dialogue indicated by the "dial" notification. This illustration highlights the way in which most layout artists would rough out their illustration in blue pencil, and then use a traditional pencil to complete the artwork.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

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Kevin Martinell said...

This is a great illustration that follows the on-model system, especially for He-Man, as the final animation of him features his face tilted at an angle in a unique style. Gleedil is illustrated perfectly here, somewhat smiling on this occasion, as opposed to her angry expression for the moment when she talks about Plundor destroying the planet to gain "wealth and treasures!" :)

David Monid said...

This just proves how cheesy (but in a good way) the 80's Filmation series is.

Only He-Man can talk to a purple humanoid rabbit. :) :D

A pity the image is in black and white, but you knowwhat I'm talking about. ;)

ToonJukka said...

I will gladly blame James for getting this episode onto the Best of DVDs. ;)
This actually was one of the episodes I had as a kid (finnish dub) so it has a certain nostalgic place in my heart. :D

San Sebastian said...

Hopefully comes Plundor out as a character.

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