16 May 2013

He punched Beast Man?!

In this page of storyboards by Bob Kline from the season one He-Man episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance", we can see that during the battle outside of Castle Grayskull He-Man was originally going to punch Beast Man! Now, for those that know the cartoon and the strict rules it placed upon itself, this scene could never take place. He-Man was never allowed to commit violent acts against the enemy. As such, these scenes have a large cross through them implying that they would not even make it to the layout stage!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Theo said...

Wow, man, a punch, ha,ha!
Such a pity we didn't get to see these things!
I guess we were the politicaly correct generation! Ha!

Kevin Martinell said...

Ha Ha... :) He-Man looks so delighted in that last image at what he's done! I'm guessing that He-Man's stock punch towards the camera would most likely have been the footage! :)

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