02 May 2013

Sad Hordak!

Throughout the She-Ra series Hordak was portrayed as such a strong character, that we rarely saw moments of weakness. Usually when these moments of weakness would occur, they would revolve around him having his leadership tested by his Horde peers. This comical piece of animation art from the season two episode "The Inspector" wonderfully showcases a moment in which Hordak's decision-making is questioned by a Horde Inspector, portrayed by a disguised Prince Adam. I love the fact that Hordak's sad-looking face is so dramatically striking, because we are so used to seeing the same aggressive expression upon his face!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Agreed! We seldom see such miserable expressions on Hordak's face since maybe "Flowers for Hordak." :) In Hordak's case, I actually felt bad for the villain, as he was constantly being one-upped by a disguised Prince Adam, while trying his very best to be so bad in every situation throughout the episode!

David Monid said...

Great expression.

This defenately is a different look to Hordak, however it's still very well drawn. :)

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