28 May 2013

Zap! Zap!

Here is another illustration from one of the many Masters of the Universe coloring and activity books, and another example of the artist paying close attention to the Filmation series. Yes, the pose of Evil-Lyn is pretty much lifted from her model sheet pose, but the Teela one is new. However, I have to question the size of Teela's legs. Yes, athletic females do have strong legs, but in this illustration it appears that she has borrowed He-Man's legs!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Grimbot said...

Not only that, her left arm is He-Man's! It's likely safe to say that the artists originally drew He-Man and then pasted over parts of Teela rather than redrawing entire thing.

Kevin Martinell said...

Ugh, yes I see what you mean, James! Plus Teela's left arm looks a bit TOO muscular for my liking ... Definitely not one of my more favorite illustrations of Teela, but the Evil-Lyn here is a work of art! I find it amusing how she effortlessly fires blasts at Teela. :)

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