29 August 2013

Gathering around the jackdaw.

The rarely-seen four story She-Ra Ladybird compilation book was interesting in that aside from including two new stories, it included two previously published stories in "Catra's Ice Palace" and "She-Ra and the Golden Goose", renamed "The Golden Goose" for this publication. Due to the size of this compilation book being a different format, some the illustrations that accompanied "She-Ra and the Golden Goose" were completely redrawn. Here I present one of the illustrations that was redrawn for the book by Glenn Steward. In this piece we see She-Ra, Bow, Glimmer, Flutterina, and Kowl all gathered around a talking jackdaw. This part of the story amuses me in which the heroes have to feed the jackdaw in exchange for information, only to have the little bird start to fall asleep on a full stomach. However, according to the text, Kowl prevents him from falling asleep by shouting in his ear! The way in which the jackdaw is illustrated is incredibly cute, and accurate.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

In the first illustration, the faces of both Flutterina and Glimmer are illustrated beautifully ... The scenery in the second illustration looks excellent as well, plus the Jackdaw blends in with the scenery too! :)

Mike Conway said...

A jackdaw? Guess Lou Scheimer wasn't the only one pulling from the Oz books. :-D

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