15 August 2013

GIANT Picture Book (Heroic Warriors) illustration #26

Golden Book published a great deal of Masters of the Universe material during the eighties. Two of the most notable and yet rarely seen books are the Giant Picture Books; oversized quality publications printed on thick quality paper featuring artwork by Fred Carrillo. One book focused on the Heroic Warriors, whilst the other focused on the Evil Warriors. Here I present, from the Heroic Warriors book, the first of the two black and white illustrations focusing on Prince Adam and Cringer, resized for you to enjoy! In this fantastically humorous illustration we see a high-spirited Cringer up on his hind legs licking Prince Adam, who seems amused by the whole situation. This piece of artwork beautifully showcases the friendship and companionship between the pair.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

1 comment:

Kevin Martinell said...

As I had mentioned, when you posted a smaller version of this illustration a few days ago, this image reminded me of a scene in "Secret of the Sword," when Prince Adam returns to the Whispering Woods and Cringer greets him. :) This image also reminds me of when Gark becomes good again and licks He-Man's face in "Orko's Favorite Uncle." :)

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