27 August 2013

Greenwood's comical panel!

This panel from "Duel at Devlan" is from one of the most amusing scenes in the episode, as Spragg vents his frustration at Madame Razz, with both Broom and Kowl looking on. What I love about this panel, illustrated by Warren Greenwood, is that Broom, Kowl, and Madame Razz are illustrated in such a simple manner, resulting in a very comical look to the characters. Broom, by far, is the funniest to look at, drawn with such a baffled expression of simplicity!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Buzz Chuck said...

They all look like Muppets in that sketch.

Kevin Martinell said...

Yes, those are VERY hilarious expressions, plus Madame Razz's face reminds me of a Muppet from "Sesame Street." :) I like how the lines indicate a shadow on Spragg's body, plus the dialog between both him and Razz is one of the funniest pieces in the She-Ra series for me!

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