18 August 2013

Mattel's Dylamug!

In these two storyboard panels from the She-Ra season one episode "Duel at Devlan" by Warren Greenwood we see Dylamug looking strikingly different to his final animated design. Normally this would stem from the fact that the artist had no character models to work with at the time of the storyboard process. Whilst that is still the case with this illustration, there is something unique about Warren's illustration of Dylamug. Mattel were developing Dylamug for the toyline and subsequently handed an early conceptual design of their toy, illustrated by Ted Mayer, to Filmation. As a result Warren used Ted's design of Dylamug in his storyboards. However, by the time the episode had completed production, Filmation's model department had changed the character significantly. Instead of a humanoid-looking character, Dylamug was now purposely disproportioned!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Both he and the Inn Keeper appear more slender here ... Great to see that Dylamug's face remains the same! :)

Mosquitor said...

He'd have been a great action figure. Hope we get him in MOTUC eventually!

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