19 September 2013


On the 5th of September 1983 the animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe received its WORLD premiere in the UK! To celebrate 30 YEARS since this historic day I am counting down (on a daily basis) what I believe to be the 30 GREATEST MOMENTS of the Filmation series.

Prince Adam lovingly embraces Cringer.

After Orko nearly destroys the laboratory whilst disobediently working with chemicals, Man-At-Arms decides to recount a cautionary tale, beginning with how a young Prince Adam first found Cringer. Man-At-Arms explains that many years ago on a nature expedition, Adam discovered Cringer, hurt and abandoned by his mother, being threatened by a sabrecat. Prince Adam took the terrified young kitten back to the Royal Palace where he was nursed back to health. During this time the Sorceress appeared to the young Prince Adam and told him that Cringer would be very important to him someday. Many years later when Adam and Teela accidentally awoke an ancient beast known as the Gedge, the cowardly cat was transformed into Battle Cat by the Sword of Power. Working together He-Man and Battle Cat managed to save the day...

Back in the present day Man-At-Arms summarizes his cautionary tale by saying to Orko that if Adam and Teela had listened to his warning the Gedge would never have been freed. Cringer, who has been silent throughout the story, responds, "And I would never have become that awful Battle Cat." Prince Adam looks down to his cowardly cat. "I'm glad you did, old buddy", Adam says, before affectionately adding, "Without Battle Cat, He-Man would be a lonely fella." Cringer realizing the affection and truth behind the comment replies, "Oh, gosh. I guess I'm stuck with it." Prince Adam then kneels next to his cat and the pair hug, affectionately glancing at one another.

Throughout this episode it is clear how much Prince Adam and Cringer care for one another, and that their friendship is probably one of the most endearing of the series. The end scene is not only the culmination of a story in which we see how a young boy and his cat grow up together, but it also feels incredibly natural, with the wonderfully-written dialogue between the two characters cementing their companionship. When the two embrace we are reminded just how important a character Cringer is, with Adam ensuring that his cowardly cat knows just how much his love and friendship are valued.


Kevin Martinell said...

Definitely! What also makes this scene so great is the original, one-time-only animation of Prince Adam embracing Cringer. A few other scenes would also showcase the friendship between the two, such as the final scene in "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" and a scene where Cringer knocks Adam over and licks his face from "Secret of the Sword," but the dialog between the two in this episode is definitely their greatest. :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Mosquitor said...

I can understand why the closing scene is ranked among the best, but I must admit I think the overall episode is absolutely diabolical, easily one of the worst in the series.

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