26 September 2013


On the 5th of September 1983 the animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe received its WORLD premiere in the UK! To celebrate 30 YEARS since this historic day I am counting down (on a daily basis) what I believe to be the 30 GREATEST MOMENTS of the Filmation series.

King Randor converses with He-Man about Prince Adam.
"Prince Adam No More"

After He-Man saves the day once again King Randor congratulates him on his constant service to Eternia. The King summons Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms to his throne room to announce his choice as guard on a royal tour of Eternia. Prince Adam expresses disappointment when He-Man is announced as the guard. Later, in the Evergreen Forest, Beast Man sees the royal tour party, consisting of King Randor, Prince Adam, who has managed to convince his father that he should be the guard instead of He-Man, and Man-At-Arms. Beast Man, along with his Shadow Beasts, attacks the Attak Trak and takes the King prisoner. Prince Adam realizes that only He-Man can save his father, and journeys to Snake Mountain. Having battled the endless horde of Hover Robots, King Randor confides in He-Man...

As the wreckage of the Hover Robots lays strewn around them King Randor remarks to He-Man that he hasn't fought in such a fashion since he was a boy. "Nice to know I still have the old left hook!", remarks King Randor, as He-Man approaches. Randor turns to He-Man and in a concerned tone asks, "Beast Man didn't hurt my son, did he?" He-Man assures the King, "No. He's fine." In a loving fatherly tone King Randor reveals, "I love that boy, you know. I'm hard on him sometimes, but I hope he knows how much I care." He-Man listens intently as Randor expresses, "Sometimes it's hard for a father to say I love you to his son." He-Man, trying his best not to reveal his secret identity simply replies, "Sometimes, it's hard for Adam to say that, too."

Throughout He-Man and the Masters of the Universe surprisingly few writers tackled the relationship between King Randor and Prince Adam. And when they did address the relationship between father and son, it often involved the King berating the Prince, expressing his constant disappointment. However, in this one very special scene, Paul Dini shows a side of King Randor that is rarely seen during the remainder of the series. Dini wonderfully uses the character of He-Man as a sounding board for King Randor, allowing the King to inadvertently reveal to his own son just how much he loves him. This brief scene between the two characters is a culmination of the many frustrating scenes between the King and the Prince that come before it, and is truly beautiful piece of character writing.

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Kevin Martinell said...

Such a great conversation and in just a few lines ... He-Man's reply to King Randor seems to give a "clue" as to his secret identity, plus I like how he changes the subject immediately after about escaping Snake Mountain. The setup is perfect because, what better character for the king to confide in when it comes to expressing his love and care for his own son than the secret identity for that specific character! :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

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