05 October 2013

The celebration comes to an end...

With 17,755 words and 225 images unleashed upon the world over the course of the last 30 days I can now officially declare that the 30 YEARS of Filmation's HE-MAN celebration has come to and end. I very much hope you enjoyed what I had to say, and let's face it, there was an awful lot! I also hope you enjoyed my choices for the 30 GREATEST MOMENTS of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Even when I look back at this list I think of other moments that I would love to have included; the dramatic moment when Prince Adam reaches for the Sword of Power in front of Teela from "The Shadow of Skeletor"; Evil-Lyn's seductive exchange with He-Man from "No Job too Small"; Granamyr's beautifully-scripted speech about war from "Battle of the Dragons"; the list goes on. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is filled with so many wonderful moments that it is often hard to choose.

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Now, if any of you are up for the challenge, I would be very interested to hear what YOUR 30 GREATEST MOMENTS of the series are! I know that's a lot to ask, but it would be nice to see some differing opinions. I'm sick and tired of reading my own! Even if you feel that I missed out on one scene, please let me know.

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Finally, here is an easy-to-access numbered links list to the 30 GREATEST MOMENTS:

#30 - #29 - #28 - #27 - #26
#25 - #24 - #23 - #22 - #21
#20 - #19 - #18 - #17 - #16
#15 - #14 - #13 - #12 - #11
#10 - #09 - #08 - #07 - #06
#05 - #04 - #03 - #02 - #01


Kevin Martinell said...

As originally posted on your Facebook page, I like how this image includes the highlight images from each episode, combined into one super graphic! :) Well, not sure if I can think of thirty greatest moments on the spot, but Evil-Lyn removing her helmet for a few brief shots in "The Witch and the Warrior" immediately comes to my mind! :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Steven L. Drake said...

Although this would be easier if it were She-Ra, I think I could summon up thirty moments:

(in no particular order)

30. The image of He-Man's Sword of Power in the forge, unable to be melted down in "Trouble in Arcadia."

29. The image of He-Man inbetween dimensions appearing in front of Castle Grayskull in "Diamond Ray of Disappearance."

28. Lou Schiemer eerily saying TO BE CONTINUED at the end of "House of Shokoti" Part 1.

27. He-Man and Battlecat leaping into the White Hole as well as Teela falling in during "The Taking of Grayskull."

26. The colorful-trippy-psychodelic dimension from "The Taking of Grayskull."

25. Seeing Modulok's other head in "Happy Birthday Roboto."

24. The debris from the palace falling on Prince Adam during his transformation in "Dragon Invasion."

23. Trap Jaw eating the Eternium in "Double Edged Sword."

22. Evil-Lyn and Teela's constant exchanges in "The Witch and the Warrior."

21. Evil-Lyn loosing her powers briefly in "The Witch and the Warrior."

20. The episodes inwhich we got to see what lied beneath each characters head piece, etc. (i.e.--Evil-Lyn's white hair in "The Witch and the Warrior.")

19. The first appearance of the Horde as well as the Sword of Protection in "Origin of the Sorceress."

18. Skeletor's sinister spell-casting in the beginning of "Reign of the Monster." Though it didn't work, I enjoyed imagery as well as that whole episode.

17. The impending danger and doom you feel for King Randor, Queen Marlena, Teela, Man-At-Arms and Orko when the Creeping Horak is released upon the palace in "Curse of the Spellstone." I could feel the air getting thinner.

16. The rare image of Skeletor atop Panthor, specifically "Evil-Lyn's Plot." I loved the exchange between Evil-Lyn and the purple panthor from them laughing at Mer-Man and Beastman getting scolded to their "chase" scene in Widget Woods.

15. The Sword of the Ancients combining with the Sword of Power in "Masks of Power."

14. The battle and impending doom of Yog in "Song of Celice."

13. The battle in "The Rainbow Warrior," especially the beautiful shot of Snake Mountain from behind.

12. Boweena from "Bargain With Evil."

11. Although its not the greatest episode, I loved the Enchantress from "Search For the Past" as well as the reunion of Adam and Randor with Miro.

10. The first appearance of Granamyr and his disdain for human kind.

09. Sh'Gora and the entire episode of "To Save Skeletor." Lines like Skeletor letting He-Man knows he knows the way to Grayskull are classic!

08. I know its not the most revered of episodes, but I loved Spydra and Azrog from "Return of Orko's Uncle."

07. Skeletor and Evil-Lyn sitting on the throne in "Creatures From the Tar Swamp."

06. Another not-so-popular episode but I liked Queen Elmora from "She-Demon of Phantos." I liked her and Teela's exchange.

05. The inbetween segments during the "Greatest Adventures of All" VHS. How can you not love the Sorceress?!

04. Sticky Fingers and the Space Pirate from "One For All."

03. Slave Master and Jawbreaker from "Orko's New Friend."

02. Granamyr turning the Darmi to stone in "Disappearing Dragons" as well as the use of new characters like Webstor and Buzz-Off.

01. Whiplash, especially from "Betrayal of Stratos." I loved the Demon Zone and how he was his own villain in some right, as opposed to the dumb-downed version we got in the 200x reboot.

I could probably list more... of course I love the greats: "Teela's Quest," "The Problem With Power," etc. but I wanted to highlight the moments that initially stuck out to me when I got to view the series--and then return the Episode Review Website and obsess over the critiques and pictures!

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