06 October 2013

The Sea Hawk's biggest theft!

The Sea Hawk was known during the course of the She-Ra animated series as a pirate that would find it hard to curb his former thieving ways. However, I tend to think some of his biggest thefts were the moments when stock animation for He-Man was repurposed for the Sea Hawk! Numerous leaps, landings, and sword swings employed by the Sea Hawk had all previously been animated for He-Man himself. At the end of the day, the fact that Filmation reused these stock sequences made perfect sense, as Sea Hawk shared the same physicality as He-Man. The most notable reuse of animation in my eyes was when the Sea Hawk posed like Prince Adam, which was itself repurposed for He-Man. Just to further reiterate the point, here is a shot of He-Man from the season one He-Man episode "Quest for He-man" and a shot of the Sea Hawk from the season one She-Ra episode "Return of the Sea Hawk".

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Nefty said...

Another reason for me to hate on Sea Hawk!! Yay!!

But seriously, I never noticed that until you pointed it out... Nice!

Kevin Martinell said...

Amusing title to this post, Sir! This is almost as classic as Skeletor taking He-Man's "I Have The Power" pose from "Evil-Lyn's Plot!" :)

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