22 November 2013

Angry Razz?

This illustration by Fred Carrillo from the Princess of Power Golden Book "The Crooked Crown" always amuses me. In this illustration Madame Razz is supposed to be warning Adora of the danger of the Crooked Crown, but instead it appears as if she is angrily pursuing Adora! To me, her expression looks like one of rage! I do like Adora's pose as she runs off to transform into She-Ra. Or maybe she is fleeing from the crazed Madame Razz?

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Beautiful illustration of Adora. :) Ha ha ... Yes I got the same impression from the illustration, and it looks like Madame Razz is giving Adora some kind of warning like: "Hey! Don't you go around telling everybody my secret recipe for swamp soup, or else!"

Mosquitor said...

Yes, she definitely looks VERY pissed off with Adora!

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