05 November 2013

Spydra concept artwork.

Azrog and Spydra who appeared in the episode "The Return of Orko's Uncle" were, by far, two of the most visually interesting villains to have appeared in the He-Man series. It is no surprise then to learn that both characters went through numerous designs! Here is one of the earliest conceptual designs for Spydra. As you can see, she is a vastly different-looking villain! I have to stay, while I do prefer her final design, the spider motif on this character's costume works.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

Maybe this is what Shadow Weaver looks like from underneath! Great job on the expressive eyes ... This version of Spydra reminds me of the evil queen in "Snow White" before she transforms into the witch. :)

Mosquitor said...

Her final design was much better. She looked a good punk villain. I'd be up for seeing a redesign of her in the MOTUC line; if used in a decent storyline she could have a lot of potential.

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