10 January 2014

"To Teach A Prince"

As He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was developed into a series, the staff writers at Filmation came up with a wealth of proposed story premises. Numerous episodes were never developed beyond the early stages. Showcased below is one of those abandoned episodes, alongside a title card that I have created to show what might have been. Please note that in some of these synopses Orko is still referred to as Gorpo, Evil-Lyn as Desira, and the Evil Warriors as the Masters of the Universe. The Sorceress does not appear to have been fully developed at this point either; with many references instead to the Spirit of Grayskull. Also, Stratos is a villain; much like he was in the early Mattel material. All of the original spellings (Tee-La, Beastman, etc.) are also retained for authenticity.

The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe features many more abandoned episodes!

"To Teach A Prince"
Worried about their son's continued irresponsibility, the King and Queen send Prince Adam to a special sorcerer who is said to work wonders with such problems. Along with other errant heirs from the universe, the Sorcerer tries to make Adam more "kingly". Skeletor seizes this opportunity to try and kidnap the heirs to use as pawns against their powerful parents.

* Legally I should say that Robby London did NOT write this episode. This is merely an example of how the episode title card might have looked.


Kevin Martinell said...

James, you always do an amazing job creating these made-up title cards! :) This is an excellent plot idea and probably should have been used in place of a repeated "Orko running away/losing his magic powers" episode! ;) Would love to see Evil-Lyn (A.K.A. "Desira," ha ha!) assist Skeletor in his plans for this episode. Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

Shawn (aka Fallen Eldor) said...

This is the type of content I love The most! Stuff that could have been is fascinating to me...Do these story concepts have date ascribed to them?

The LGBT community would have had went crazy analyzing that episode!

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