07 February 2014

The many forms of the Crimson Scourge!

In a previous blog post I mentioned that the storyboards by Warren Greenwood for the season one He-Man episode "Ordeal in the Darklands" reveal a very different look for the Crimson Scourge! Interestingly, in the storyboards for the episode there is a page in which Greenwood dictates how the Crimson Scourge could move, presenting us with some unique visuals. Sadly, when the episode was produced it was decided to simplify the creature a great deal, as it would have been rather expensive to produce a variety of possible animation sequences for one character.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Buzz Chuck said...

Oh man, I really like the pin wheel. That would have been cool.

Kevin Martinell said...

Wow, the tentacle version would have made for a rather imposing fire-like monster for the series! This version of the Scourge looks more like Byte from the "Day of the Machines" episode. :)

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