13 March 2014

The ultimate confusion!

The Masters of the Universe minicomic "The Ultimate Battleground!" introduced us to the Three Towers, more commonly known as the Eternia playset. However, while the concept made for a truly spectacular toy, the playset was awkwardly shoehorned in to many a canon. The minicomic managed to create some interesting, rather atmospheric stories around it. Sadly, this illustration at the very end of the minicomic made little to no sense. Here we see the Three Towers in all their glory, bookended by both Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain. I have no problem with it being in the vicinity of either location. However, I do have a problem with Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain appearing to be a short distance from one another! On the plus side, this piece is illustrated by Bruce Timm, so that should make us smile!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

1 comment:

Kevin Martinell said...

Ha ha! That's true ... The two fortresses are like two houses away from each other in the neighborhood! I'm loving the orange sky with purple clouds, and I can't help but think of the scene where He-Man gives up his powers in "The Problem with Power" when I look at the image of He-Man atop the tower. :) Thanks for reading and God Bless! ~"KevyGuy" :)

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