12 May 2014

Teela versus the Sorceress.

Mark Texeira once again blesses this Blog with his illustrated goodness! This action-packed panel from the Masters of the Universe minicomic "The Tale of Teela!" features the Goddess fighting her clone, Teela, who is currently under a spell by Skeletor. The way in which both character's respective bodies are posed creates a fantastic sense of movement. We can see the sheer force at which Teela is attacking the Goddess, with the Goddess' gritted teeth showing how forceful those very same attacks are! One of the best things about this panel, and the minicomic in general, is that we see the Goddess in battle. Much like the Sorceress in the Filmation cartoon, the Goddess rarely had any action-packed moments. So when she did, it was very much worth noting!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

1 comment:

Kevin Martinell said...

Beautiful artwork ... Teela's hairdo reminds me of Peekablue's from the She-Ra cartoon. :) The Goddess reminds me of Evil-Lyn with her facial expression, and I like the way her hand is post like she is getting ready to cast a spell!

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