04 July 2014

FILMATION ART: Whispering Woods at night (again).

For the last sixteen years I have collected He-Man and She-Ra animation artwork. As a result I have amassed a pretty large collection! Here I present a piece of original background artwork from the She-Ra episode "He Ain't Heavy". A while back I showcased a nighttime background of the Whispering Woods. Why would I show another one? Well, I want to demonstrate just how versatile Filmation artists were in their use of colors during production of She-Ra. When comparing this background to the previous one you will notice a different style employed throughout. This background utilizes green to great effect, whereas the previous background relied on blue. Once again I love the detail that the artist puts into this piece. One has to admire the amount of texture created by the paint strokes, as the light source to the right of the screen creates wonderful colors across the tree in the foreground. The odd thing about this background is that the scene takes place during the day, and yet this is clearly the night palette.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

And here is how the background was used in the episode...

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