17 August 2014

Feel my magic!

Lodar, from the Masters of the Universe minicomic "Slave City!" is one of my favorite guest villains from series. As a kid, and even to this day, I always wanted an action figure of this purple-armored and purple-skinned warrior. One of the most amusing things about the character is that his mistake was a happy accident. The writer of the minicomic Lee Nordling had been asked to write a story centered around the character of Zodac. However, Nordling and the artist Larry Houston had no idea that Zodac was an action figure. In short Lodar was their idea of what Zodac looked like. Thus when Mattel saw the completed minicomic they questioned why Zodac bore no resemblance to his action figure, surprising both Nordling and Houston that an action figure even existed! Nordling hurriedly went through the entire minicomic, and every time the name "Zodak" was referenced, the letters were altered to resemble "Lodar". Even his name was a happy accident!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

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