11 October 2014

"Alkaya, City in Glass"

As He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was developed into a series, the staff writers at Filmation came up with a wealth of proposed story premises. Numerous episodes were never developed beyond the early stages. Showcased below is one of those abandoned episodes, alongside a title card that I have created to show what might have been. Please note that in some of these synopses Orko is still referred to as Gorpo, Evil-Lyn as Desira, and the Evil Warriors as the Masters of the Universe. The Sorceress does not appear to have been fully developed at this point either; with many references instead to the Spirit of Grayskull. Also, Stratos is a villain; much like he was in the early Mattel material. All of the original spellings (Tee-La, Beastman, etc.) are also retained for authenticity.

The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe features many more abandoned episodes!

"Alkaya, City in Glass"
While testing one of Man-At-Arms new sea vessels on the Eternian ocean, our heroes receive a distress note in a bottle. It's from the legendary lost city of Alkaya. Traveling underwater they come upon the undersea city, surrounded by a glass dome. They find it under siege by the Masters of the Universe. In a fierce battle, Skeletor attempts to collapse the dome, drowning Alkaya. It takes all of He-Man's strength to hold up the dome while it is repaired, and to banish the evil Masters from Alkaya.

* Legally I should say that Marc Scott Zicree did NOT write this episode. This is merely an example of how the episode title card might have looked.

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