10 November 2014

A brief review #053 - "Dree Elle's Return"

As many of you will know, in 2010 I published The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. At 300+ pages the book features 700+ pieces of trivia, 460+ deleted scenes, 360+ examples of animation reuse, 380+ quotes, 50+ abandoned episodes, and a LOT more! It is the book that NO fan of the Filmation series can live without! BUY IT NOW!

As an incentive, here is my brief review and rating (as they appear in the book) for "Dree Elle's Return"...

Robby London's second Trollan episode of the series does not even come close to his first. The writing throughout is average at best; though it should be noted that Orko is written better than in many of his other appearances. At times there are some spectacular visuals in this episode, which make it all the more surprising that when the Horn of Evil's power is unleashed, everything presented to us is underwhelming. The Horn of Evil itself is a fantastic story device, but in this episode its true potential is wasted. The fact that the episode's entire plot is written around the idea that that a song will be sung at some point during the episode, is not very good at all. 3/10

Now, may I ask; what is YOUR rating?

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