17 March 2015

Caldwell's Orko and Montork.

Here is yet another wonderful Barry Caldwell illustration from the storyboards to the season one He-Man episode "The Return of Orko's Uncle". Once again we see a style of artwork that one would not associate with a Filmation cartoon! Even though there are hundreds of beautiful panels in this storyboard, four of my favorite panels occur when Orko and Montork are reunited. Caldwell's ability to show very expressive illustrations is showcased here. Even though the characters do not have any faces as such, their physical movements tell the story better than any expressions could. The first and fourth panels are by far the strongest of the bunch. We could easily cover the dialogue under each and every panel and still know exactly what both characters are saying! Thinking about it, this is actually one scene that translated relatively well to the screen.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

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