25 April 2006

Orko revealed?

Did we ever get to see Orko without his hat? "Dawn of Dragoon" presents us with a silhouette of what our favorite Trollan's head is shaped like, but not one episode in the series reveals Orko's face to us. However in the episode "Betrayal of Stratos", whilst trying to escape Whiplash's snake-like creature Orko maneuvers his way along a tree branch and then falls off. During one of the frames where he falls off we can see Orko without his hat! Unfortunately all we get to see is that his head is black and his ears are blue; we know this is not the way Orko looks. It appears that the animator is basing the design on the Orko toy with the removable hat.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Chris M said...


I remember hearing you mention this on the commentary for Dawn of Dragoon and I am actually relieved as Orko has a mysticism about him that I am glad is not spoiled :)

Chris M

Jukka said...

Ah...a classic.

Still remember when you first time posted "What lies Beneath"-page in the Special Features-section.

Things sure look really great in DVD-quality. :)

Anonymous said...

Even when Orko was in this crisis, he still managed to hide his face! :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Robert Lamb said...

When MOTU was broadcast we got letters from university fans wanting to know what was under Orko's robe. Arthur Nadel was surprised because he thought only 5 year olds watched the show.

I remember seeing an early design for Orko. He looked like a very young Yoda. It's been a long time but I think his feet showed in the early concept art. If I had a copy I would share it. Sorry.

The changes to Orko's final design had a lot to do with economy. Floating takes less drawing than walking. Several trees were spared the paper mills by the absence of mouth animation.

Sounds good? Nah, we were just cheap. But then again, Orko was fun and easy to draw.

Rob Lamb

Jay Firestorm said...

Now I don't feel so silly that as a kid, I paused (freeze framed) this episode to try and see Orko's face! =)

Either way, I'm glad they never showed Orko's face - that would just have spoiled it!

Martn Olivero said...

I Would prefer not to see this picture! I still remember when I first saw in the series. I would have liked to keep the identity of Ork in mystery, to disclose otherwise more original!

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