18 April 2006

Questionable Statue...

In the She-Ra episode "Duel at Devlan" we quite clearly see a questionable statue in the town square. Questionable for Filmation and the He-Man and She-Ra series as it depicts a warrior with a woman thrown over his shoulder and her ass in the air! Quite often Filmation would shy away from this kind of imagery, which may explain why we only see the statue briefly before it is melted down.


Jukka said...

The village must have had some exciting history in it's time to carve something like that as a memory. ;)

I remember when I was watching the episode for the first time and both me and my friend went for the pause-button, because the statue seemed so out of place in a Filmation-cartoon, but it was great seeing it there. :D

Mike Bock said...

What a cool heroic medieval statue.
I like that stuff like this happened once in a while. Just like the Blackstar statue on He-man,that kind of things make the toon even better.

The small details make the difference.

Skelepimp said...


I never saw that, before. That's Incredibly cool!

Thanks, for sharing Busta!

Best Blog....Ever!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it represented a warrior rescuing a maiden from the clutches of Evil, as questionable as the statue looked?!

I wonder if Madame Razz's magic could have restored the statue to the way it was, without the spell going wrong, if the statue was of importance to the village! LOL :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Robert Lamb said...

Yes, Filmation strived for family values and purity but some artists chafed at wholesomeness and would try to sneak things in on occasion. During BraveStarr, I intercepted a background featuring a nude female torso in an underground rock formation. Picture Venus de Milo with no head or legs.

Most of the time "questionable" material was confined to the walls of an artist's office or cubicle. Management didn't restrict self-expression in the work area but tours of school children were carefully guided away from certain artist's dens of iniquity.

This was not unique to Filmation. I saw some of the oddest couplings between characters on the walls of Hanna-Barbera.

And, of course, they were drawn on model.

Rob Lamb

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