11 April 2006

Too much detail!

While we sometimes wish for more intricate detail when watching an animated show, episode fifty-three of The New Adventures of He-Man titled "Balance of Power" gives us a little too much! When General Nifel contacts Crita on his viewscreen we see that the animators have given her a little more detail that we would ever hope to witness on a cartoon series!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Mike Bock said...

LOL But we want to see that more often!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like "New Adventures'" version of Queen Elmora, from "She Demon Of Phantos," or Lady Voltera, from "The Sleepers Awaken." :)

Also, not that I was looking for it, but there is a little something "naughty" near the end of "Secret Of The Sword," in the "Battle For Bright Moon" section of the feature that one of my friends pointed out ... Watch for the shot where the Twiggets and a few critters leap out from behind a couple of bushes. I think one of them commands, "Let's get 'em, boys!" Notice that "Too much detail" has been put into the two bushes that the characters are hiding behind! How'd THAT make it past the censors?! LOL :)

That was hilarious, James! Love your commentary, as well. :)

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Unknown said...

It's cold in space after all.
LOL This is a fun little finding you made James. Keep up the great work.

Or maybe... the General had some specific camera's at work when zooming at Critta. :P

Brett said...

In the words of George Takei: "Oh, my!" Seriously, though, I love the Crita character, and hope we get her in MOTUC!

David Monid said...

Those artists at K.K. C&D Asia have done it again.

Like with the Sorceres like I said this sort of thing can only happen in Japan. :D

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