20 May 2006

Confronting the Gedge!

Another beautiful looking panning shot shows up in the season two episode "Battlecat" as He-Man and the star of the episode Battle Cat leap into shot to confront the recently escaped Gedge monster! This scene is directed fantastically in the episode as the camera follows the Gedge along the gorge with He-Man and Battle Cat leaping into frame drawing the Gedge's attention. Also worth mentioning is that the colors on this panning shot are so very vibrant!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Anonymous said...

Another unique looking landscape in the He-Man series ... This scene and all of the forest settings (Especially within the scene where He-Man transforms Cringer into Battlecat for the first time) contains limitless color all around.

The Gedge has to be one of the scariest monsters in the He-Man series, since nothing can faze the creature, and the roaring sound it makes gives me the chills!

Origin episodes like this one and "Origin of the Sorceress" have an atmosphere of their own ... It's hard to describe, but they are certainly memorable and very powerful!

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Unknown said...

Great panning shot.
I only wish it would have been a bit bigger in size, but you did mention that other images are left smaller on purpose to give better highlight for certain posts. :)

The colours on this are really great and Battle Cat's red armor pops out of the screen remarkably with such lush green tones. Gedge is a great monster-design. I wonder who would win; Gegde VS Grimalkin. :D

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