28 May 2006


If you look at Man-At-Arms during the moral segment for the episode "The Region of Ice" you will notice that he is standing in front of a hanger, making it appear as if he has antennae! An obvious joke by the storyboard artist and director...We hope!


Anonymous said...

It's kind of hard to take the moral message seriously upon seeing something like this! :)

I think they also show the same background in a shot from "Curse of the Spellstone," when the heroes are looking on, trying to protect themselves from the Creeping Horak ... A shame that one of the heroes' faces wasn't in front of the hanger, on that occasion, once again ... King Randor or Orko would have been hilarious candidates! :)

~Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
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Unknown said...

Always get a kick out this image.
Been cirulating many years if I remember correctly.

It's a great joke and I certainly hope it was intentional. :)

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