04 May 2006

Rainbow Quartz reaction...

In He-Man's "Three on a Dare" episode Prince Adam and Cringer journey to Snake Mountain in order to obtain Rainbow Quartz. As much as I love this episode the heroes' actions are in direct conflict with the moralistic tone set by the series. Numerous times in both the He-Man and She-Ra series we were told not to take anything that did not belong to us because that would be stealing. Yet in this very episode the heroes do not ask Skeletor for the Rainbow Quartz; they sneak into Snake Mountain and try to take it without his knowledge. Isn't that stealing?


Chris M said...


THIEF and all this time Filmation had us believe they were the good guys :(

My dreams are shattered :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe on Eternia, stealing is acceptable, as long as the "good guys" are taking from the "bad guys" and not from other "good guys!" LOL :)

The commentary in the opening scene is too hilarious for words ... Man-At-Arms states that a shipment of the Rainbow Quartz to the Royal Palace was delayed. A little later, he reveals to Prince Adam that the only place the Quartz can be found is within Snake Mountain! So, WHO from Snake Mountain is doing business with King Randor?! :D

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Unknown said...

Who wrote the episode? Those actions always sounded baffling.

Snake Mountain is such a great place with all these things the characters need or don't even know they need. From magic mirrors creating doubles to ancient swords. :)

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