22 May 2006


In an effort to fool her enemies She-Ra removes her tiara in the season two episode "Return Of The General." What is surprising to the viewer is that her hair is exactly the same as Adora's, and without the headpiece She-Ra looks exactly like Adora in a different costume! The only real difference between Adora and She-Ra is that the most powerful woman in the universe has slightly longer hair, but somehow I doubt that would fool many people.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


TheShadow said...

Just another picture to show that Adora is hotter than She-Ra. If this makes sense! :)

Mike Bock said...

The classic Filmation Adam/He-Man situation repeats with She-Ra. Got to love Filmation.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful image of the Princess of Power!

This image makes me think of the dialogue from the Heroic Warriors, when they meet at Snake Mountain, from "Secret of the Sword..."

Teela: "Where's Princess Adora?"

She-Ra: "She's, uh..."

He-Man: "Oh, she's safe!"

She-Ra: "Right! Right! Safe!"

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Jay Firestorm said...

I haven't seen second season POP (or any, for that matter) for quite a while - I'll have to check this episode out.

Well, if Clark Kent got away with glasses being his disguise, maybe She-Ra's head-dress does the same! =)

Actually, I never really particularly liked She-Ra's head-dress, I thought it was too ... is "clunky" the right word here?

Unknown said...

That is a cool pan-image. :)

Love the way she's drawn here and yeah when removing the tiara, there is really not much difference.

Now I'm eager to see how Adora would look like with the long flowing hair of She-Ra's (while still in the usual Adora-outfit)

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