28 June 2006

What happened to Trap Jaw's voice?

In the season one He-Man episode "Teela's Trial" we see the common pairing of Beast Man and Trap Jaw. Beast Man is oddly silent in the episode and does not speak a single word, whilst Trap Jaw talks constantly throughout. However in one scene, the steel-jawed villain's voice changes very noticeably, as if another character is present! Close inspection of the script reveals something very interesting; originally it was supposed to be Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops who were paired up in this episode. This explains that the voice change is because it is Tri-Klops talking, not Trap Jaw, and also explains why Beast Man has no dialogue in the episode whatsoever! It is obvious that there was not enough appropriate animation of Tri-Klops for this episode, prompting the Filmation artists to replace him with Beast Man, and force his one piece of dialogue over to Trap Jaw!

For your listening pleasure, Trap Jaw with Tri-Klops' voice!


Razz-Bel said...

Sheesh! That's horribly messy!

Anonymous said...

Although Beast-Man does not speak in the mentioned scene, he actually does have one line in the episode, earlier on, when Skeletor is testing his ray device ... First, an alarm goes off, accompanied by a "Stratos-like" voice warning Skeletor of "unauthorized activity" within Snake Mountain (He-Man and Teela). Beast-Man then grunts: "Arrgh! That's near Man-At-Arms' cell!" The scene comically ends with the stock footage of Skeletor raising his fists to the sky as he shouts: "Don't just stand there, fools!" :)

It's a good thing that the Tri-Klops voice over was used on Trap-Jaw and not Beast-Man, since the voice is closer to Trap-Jaw's! Still, that was pretty hilarious! It's too bad that Tri-Klops wasn't featured in the episode, after all. I feel that Beast-Man was featured in way too many episodes while Mer-Man and Tri-Klops, on the other hand, should have been featured more in the series, especially during Season 2. :)

"The Rainbow Warrior" also featured an extremely distorted voice for Trap-Jaw, later on in the episode, when He-Man used a grappling hook so he could hitch a ride on The Basher, pioleted by Trap-Jaw ... After He-Man made contact with the vehicle, Trap-Jaw looked below, in shock, and shouted out: "He-Man!" However, his voice was slowed down and sounded more creepy than it already was! :)

I remember reading the details for this scene on the DVD, within the "Orko's Fun Facts" section for this episode ... Really interesting info! :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Unknown said...

A good friend of mine, Mikko had this episode on one of his childhood tapes that I later got as well. I remember when he mentioned the voice-change and we both wondered about it, without much luck on explaining it.

Thank you for the revealing of what the script had it originally, James.
Really like all the script-related reveals you've done.

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