31 July 2006


In the season two She-Ra episode "Return Of The General" writer Bob Forward and director Richard Trueblood take a typically sweet mother and daughter scene and add a cruel twist! The aura of love and happiness is strong as Mally hugs her charismatic child Telzy. Suddenly, ominous music is heard, a shadow forms over the pair, and we expect the worst, as Telzy looks up with startled eyes. Above her, we see a shot of the stranger, silhouetted by the forceful glare of the sun. Just as we think Mally and Telzy are being attacked by some bizarre axe-wielding murderer, Telzy shouts, "Daddy!" We suddenly realize that the obscure figure is actually the kind General Sunder from "Unexpected Ally." The trick is in the phenomenal direction as Richard Trueblood takes a scene that could have been schmaltzy and predictable and adds a surprising and ironic touch!

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Anonymous said...

It WAS a chilling scene, before we knew who the "stranger" was ... That shot of General Sunder holding the axe, standing under the brightness of the sun, was spooky!

Actually, I haven't seen such effects used for how bright the sun made the sky since "Anchors Aloft, Part 2" (When Seahawk revealed the underwater entrance to the cave). I like how these bright effects were used again, later on, when General Sunder entered his house and discovered that his family had been captured by the Horde (The glare was shown coming through the front door and windows). It's a break from the usual daytime sky background setting. The brightness of the sky added to the drama of both scenes.

Not even the "false alarm" scene that Prince Adam and Teela had set up for Cringer and Orko, about King Randor "being in trouble," from He-Man's "The Gamesman" (Actually losing in a chess game), was this intense!

Magnificent direction in this scene, and both this episode and "Unexpected Ally" were classics for guest characters General Sunder and Mali, in my book. :)

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
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TheShadow said...

One of my favorite episodes of all time. I wish they would have used General Sunder a bit more... same with Sea Hawk. Unexpected Ally, of course, also excellent. Let Bow go play his harp somewhere else ;)

Joni Koivisto said...

This episode was my introduction to former General Sunder. This was was one of those few She-Ra episodes I had on VHS while growing up. While watching this episode I had a feeling that Sunder was already known character in the series, I just thought it was something that had happened off screen. Until almost couple of decades later I got the DVDs and found about "Unexpected Ally" episode.

Unknown said...

This episode is that was released in finnish VHS-tapes with subtitles.

I'm glad it got released as it is a great episode and one of the better episodes with continuity. I always liked the character and when I later got to see "Unexpected Ally" from Alex's copied episodes, I was happy to see Sunder again. :)

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