31 August 2006

200th Blog Entry! :)

TWO-HUNDRED Blog entries! :)

...I promise though, the next "look how many I have achieved" entry will be five-hundred...

So let's take a quick glance over the previous one-hundred and ninety-nine posts...

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29 August 2006


Next month is going to be a HUGE month for this Blog! From September 4th 2006 onwards I will be working freelance, so I will have the time to work a few new things into this Blog that I have wanted to for a while. There is a BIG anniversary in September to celebrate, so expect MORE Blog entries than there are days in the month! Also next month I will be featuring a lot more storyboard artwork and scripts, a LOT more!

And now, onto today's entry...

The season two He-Man episode "Betrayal of Stratos" features a very interesting scene that creates a few continuity problems with the villain Whiplash. Kraal, the King of Demons in the Demon Zone appears to be Whiplash's master of sorts, even though the series has already established that Whiplash works for the Evil Warriors of Skeletor. Even odder is that Kraal appears to know of his services to the Lord of Destruction, which begs the question; what is Kraal's relationship to Whiplash? Filmation's artists created a wonderful image of Kraal with his mouth and expressions really emphasizing his dialogue, and Alan Oppenheimer giving the demon a great deep voice, similar to Dragoon from season one's "Dawn of Dragoon." It should be noted that the design of Kraal is actually the same as Daimar from the season one episode "Daimar the Demon." The image of Kraal is quite evil and probably scared a few children, his red face surrounded by the fire. Even more interesting are the carvings on the side of the fire pit, which also resemble his face.

28 August 2006

Skeletor's Christmas Cast!

"A Christmas Special" started off superbly, Etherians on Eternia, Orko in danger, He-Man rushing to save the day with She-Ra not far behind. So how did it all go so very wrong? One of the finer moments of the first few minutes occurs when we are treated to an interior shot of the Collector with Skeletor's band of Evil Warriors. However on this occasion we get possibly one of the most interesting collections of Evil Warriors ever witnessed! First off we have season two He-Man villain Webstor, and even though he is silent in this appearance it is nice to see his return to the screen. The appearance of Rattlor is very surprising as we last saw him in the She-Ra series as a member of the Horde. Finally we have the two villains from the latter half of season two; Spikor and Two Bad, who only appeared together very briefly in one episode. This panning shot shows just how colorful this collection of Evil Warriors is! But Rattlor; it is odd how we are expected to accept that the guy sitting in-between longtime Skeletor warriors Webstor and Spikor has always been one of the Evil Warriors! Then again the Snake Men had a rough time with regards to continuity in the He-Man and She-Ra series, and that is something I will discuss very soon...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

27 August 2006

Our only hope...

Before I forget, one thing I want to let visitors of this site know is that I do not accept Anonymous comments. Why? Well, because I always love to see a person's name credited by their comment! I have had a lot of Anonymous comments in the past, but I have rejected them only because of the name issue, and never because of their content...

And now on with the show...

For some reason as a kid I loved this transformation sequence from the season one He-Man episode "Dawn of Dragoon." Actually I still love it, and I think this is because the transformation occurs so unexpectedly with very little warning, except for the beginning of the main theme...

For your listening pleasure, Our only hope...

26 August 2006

Proscenium arch...

As pointed out to me by Chris M, somehow yesterday I mistakenly stated that "The Royal Cousin" was written by Paul Dini when it was in fact written by Robby London!

Not sure what happened there...

What is the proscenium arch, and how exactly is Sy-Klone crossing it?! The proscenium arch in theatres is the arch that separates the play itself from the audience; so to "cross the proscenium arch" would mean that the actor is talking to the audience! In issue three of the UK Masters of the Universe comic in a story titled "Jewel of Fire" the final panel shows the heroes victorious over Skeletor's latest scheme, and in an odd moment Sy-Klone appears to be whispering to the reader! Even though the cartoon did this a few times I would have preferred the characters to talk to the audience more often...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

25 August 2006

Listen you...

Paul Dini demonstrated on many an occasion why he was probably the best character writer on the He-Man series. An example of this has to be heard to be believed in "The Royal Cousin" when the arrogant Prince Jeremy pushes Man-At-Arms' patience to the limit in this hilarious scene. Just listen as Man-At-Arms bites his tongue!

For your listening pleasure, Listen you...

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

24 August 2006

The iron sunset.

Here is another fantastic image from the Ladybird book "The Iron Master" by artist Robin Davies. In this image Skeletor's walking nightmare is pursuing He-Man and Battle Cat across Eternia. What I like about this image is not only the obvious contrast of the Iron Master against the Eternian sun, but also the Iron Master's eyes piercing through!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

23 August 2006

Kitchen sink!

She-Ra was always very capable of being smarmy and funny with her enemies, but the series very rarely used that aspect of her personality enough. However in the season one episode "Enemy With My Face" an unexpected funny moment occurs during the final battle between She-Ra and the Melog. After evading many of the Melog's attacks our heroine finally quips, "It looks like you've thrown just about everything in the village but the kitchen sink!" Seconds later her comment is answered as a kitchen sink flies into shot, bounces, and lands near She-Ra's feet. Rarely did Filmation use these kind of old-style cartoon gags...

For your listening pleasure, Kitchen sink!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

22 August 2006

Summing up!

Yesterday I discovered how hard it is to publish ten Blog entries on the same day!


Here is an amusing panel from issue eight of the UK Masters of the Universe comic featuring the Heroic Warriors and the Evil Horde. In the first few panels of "The Forgotten Army" Part One the story focuses on Skeletor, the Evil Warriors, and their latest plan. Suddenly the story shifts to the panel you see below. I think it is funny how He-Man's comments sum up an entire battle we have failed to witness because the story has concentrated on Skeletor.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

21 August 2006

Birthday Blog #1 - Gleeful Mantenna!

It's my birthday! That's right, today I turn twenty-nine years old, and in honor of this event I have decided to feature TEN He-Man and She-Ra entries in one single session...

Are you ready?

Then let us begin...

Tom Sito's memorable directing on the season one She-Ra episode "A Loss for Words" culminates in some wonderful animation on Mantenna. During a battle with the forces of good Mantenna looks to his right, only to see Hordak standing over the trap door that he himself is all too familiar with. After giving one of the sneakiest looks in the series, rubbing his hands together to emphasize the point, he activates the button causing Hordak to fall through the trap door. His look to camera at the very end of the scene says it all!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

Birthday Blog #2 - A little too relaxed...

"Hordak's Power Play" is an odd episode to say the least! Act one ends with the alien Larg whipping out his Sensatron and declaring that the power cell recently captured by Hordak will blow up the whole planet; a very dramatic end to act one I think you will all agree! So why then does act two open with a completely different tone; the previously excited Larg leaning back on the wagon munching on an apple discussing space food. Does this strike anyone else as odd? Another reason why this episode is one of the worst of the series...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

Birthday Blog #3 - Greyskull?

"The Shaping Staff" is one of He-Man's best loved episodes, and one of Paul Dini's best action episodes! One scene in the episode that always comes up for discussion occurs when Beast Man and Evil-Lyn in disguise examine an image of Castle Grayskull. It is a simplistic drawing of Castle Grayskull; but more surprisingly, the word "Greyskull" is written at the bottom, an incorrect spelling of "Grayskull." It appears the time-tested debate over whether there is an 'a' or an 'e' in "Grayskull" is as old as He-Man itself.

Birthday Blog #4 - Orko to camera...

Hal Sutherland storyboarded He-Man's "The Ice Age Cometh" episode, and added some very nice touches; Orko acknowledges the audience on two occasions. The first time is when Philip is being attacked by Whiplash prompting Orko to comment to the audience that he thinks he needs "a little help here." The second time is when Prince Adam and Cringer run off to transform as Teela climbs up the mountain; Orko turns to the audience and waves as he flies upwards and out of shot.

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

Birthday Blog #5 - Gateway to Kyrtis?

"The Mines of Mondor" from She-Ra's season one is full of new backgrounds, locations and situations. One of the immediate oddities occurs when the heroes prepare to leave for the planet Kyrtis where the mines are located. Queen Angella stands alongside the heroes about to make the journey and tells them that the gateway will lead them to their destination. This seems odd as we rarely see dimensional travel on the She-Ra series, and we are confused by the sudden appearance of this ancient piece of architecture that can apparently bridge dimensions...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

Birthday Blog #6 - Glimmer defeated!

Here I have assembled a great-looking panning shot from the season one She-Ra episode "The Stone in the Sword." Poor Glimmer, hit with her own light blast redirected by Hordak's Doom Balloon, lays semi-conscious, with Bow ready to fight back against the Evil Horde. I like the way the artists have drawn Glimmer's hair disheveled, instead of drawing it on model. My only disappointment is that Bow does not look too concerned toward his fallen comrade!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

Birthday Blog #7 - Negator, in all his glory...

Negator, from the He-Man season one episode "Game Plan", was a decent villain, but could never fit in with the show's "sorcery" as he was a technological villain, and therefore closer to the "science" aspect of the show. In any case he was apparently deemed worthy of a second appearance and so J. Michael Straczynski had him return in the pretty awful season two episode "Trouble's Middle Name." But that's another Blog entry for another time. For now enjoy this panning shot of the villain from his debut episode! Is it me or is this one of those panning shots that looks better as a separate camera move and not assembled as I have done?

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

Birthday Blog #8 - Debut of the Collector.

The season one He-Man episode "Colossor Awakes" features a wonderful panning shot within the first minute showcasing not only Skeletor's newest ship the Collector, but also the laboratory located in Snake Mountain that we never saw enough of during the series. Skeletor's Collector is a sight that would become familiar to the entire audience throughout the series. This episode marks the first appearance of the ship, Skeletor indicating that he built it himself. Take note that the Collector, while a staple of the cartoon series, was never made into a toy because it was Filmation's idea, rather than Mattel's. In this episode the Collector proves to be an extremely powerful ship, but throughout the remainder of the series it would be just another form of transportation for Skeletor and his Evil Warriors!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

Birthday Blog #9 - Homework!

In The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Brain Drain" the wise-cracking Lord of Destruction Skeletor tricks He-Man and then hits him with a classic insult.

For your listening pleasure, Skeletor's Homework!

Birthday Blog #10 - You can't do this!

In The New Adventures of He-Man episode "The Bride of Slushhead" we see a great scene when Slushhead requests that Sagitar be the best man at his wedding, after the warrior had saved the villain's bride-to-be Felka. The best thing about this scene is Staghorn who shows his ever-increasing frustration, and finally loses his patience with Slushhead with hilarious consequences!

For your listening pleasure, Staghorn's frustration!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

20 August 2006


"Hordak's Power Play" is not one of She-Ra's best episodes. Actually, it's the worst. But there are a few visual treats during the episode, not many, but they are there! Here is a really cool-looking panning shot of the alien guest star Larg. Sometimes these panning shots do not always look to good when assembled, but here we can see that the artists have drawn a truly menacing and very imposing figure of the eight foot tall Larg!

And tune in tomorrow where I'll have something very special for you all!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

19 August 2006

Yellow blast!

"A Trap For He-Man" was the first Masters of the Universe book published by Ladybird. Robin Davies' artwork is as striking as ever, but certain images and character drawings are not as refined as they would be later in the series. As the books progressed Robin Davies would look to the Filmation cartoon model sheets, and most of the characters especially He-Man began to look like their cartoon counterparts. This image below shows that his earlier artwork was slightly different, but still highly fitting for the series. One of my favorite things about this image, aside from its action, is the way Battle Cat's fur is illustrated!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

18 August 2006

Stone deaf...

Trap Jaw is one of my favorite characters, and by now you all should know that! One of my favorite pieces of Trap Jaw dialogue that oozes his gruff personality wonderfully voiced by Lou Scheimer is featured in the season one He-Man episode "Return of the Gryphon", as the wizard of weapons loses his cool with Beast Man...

For your listening pleasure, Trap Jaw's frustration!

17 August 2006

Skeletor's odd weapon...

As the He-Man pilot episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" has a few minor differences when compared to the rest of the series. Probably the most noticeable difference is Skeletor's weapon of choice. Instead of the villain wielding his famous Havoc Staff, he is shown to be in possession of an axe! The axe much like the Havoc Staff could fire out bursts of energy and show Skeletor what he needed to see via the globe. It is odd that Filmation had the character appear with this weapon in only one episode. Without question the Havoc Staff is a much more appropriate weapon for Skeletor, but the rarity of the axe gives it come credibility.

16 August 2006

Mocked by He-Man...

Many times during The New Adventures of He-Man our hero seemed well aware that the warriors around him were not always dependable. In this hilarious piece of dialogue from "The Seeds of Resistance" we hear what He-Man thinks of his two closest allies!

For your listening pleasure, Mocked by He-Man...

15 August 2006

False Face!

The pretty awful She-Ra episode "Glimmer's Story" features the new and surprising villain False Face. This one-shot member of the Evil Horde brings some new blood to Hordak's group of warriors. His ability to transform his appearance is nothing new, but as this appears to be his purposeful power it is still entertaining. However False Face creates some minor continuity issues. We have to question why Hordak has never used him before. If he had reappeared in the series then this appearance may have been a little more believable, but sadly False Face comes across as one big plot device!

14 August 2006

Scientific Genius...

Issue twenty-two of the UK Masters of the Universe comic gives a brief profile of Two Bad in The Secret Files of Scrollos. In the UK comics Two Bad was often portrayed as a scientific genius who created many weapons and devices for Skeletor. The two heads argued with one another, but usually over the design and purpose of their machinations. Some people may think this is an odd piece of characterization, but personally I feel that the comic's characterization of Two Bad was far superior to Filmation's version who was yet another one of Skeletor's bumbling henchmen, the two headed interplay making the character come across sillier than most.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

13 August 2006

Man-At-Arms' mystery construction.

Throughout the He-Man series we often saw a panning shot of Man-At-Arms' laboratory, revealing just how vast it was. One thing that never really occurred to me until a few years ago concerns the extremely large construction in the background. It almost appears to be a large tank-like vehicle on treads. We can see that it is incomplete as there is machinery surrounding it. Did Man-At-Arms ever finish this construction I wonder? And does anyone have an idea as to what they think it may have been?

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

12 August 2006

The Trollan revelation.

One of my favorite scenes from the He-Man series appears in the season one episode "Dawn of Dragoon." The scene begins as Cringer rants to Prince Adam and Orko about the world of Trolla, complaining that everything is backwards! What follows is one of the most memorable scenes in the series. Adam's sudden realization is captured perfectly by the animators as he concludes that the backwards rule applies to his transformation. The thing I love about this scene is that it is pure He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! No other show could get away with such an implausible plot deceive, but because this occurs in the He-Man show we accept it without hesitation!

For your listening pleasure, Thing's are backwards here...

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

11 August 2006

Very thin!

Here I present one of my favorite scenes! Bob Forward, who started off as a storyboard artist, turned out to be one of Filmation's best writers! He could not only capture drama, developing highly original stories, but he also had a wonderful sense of comedy as is evident in this scene from the season two episode "The Rainbow Warrior." Just listen to Skeletor's ever-increasing rage as Beast Man and Trap Jaw pay their boss little attention, busy watching a tournament taking place at the Royal Palace...

For your listening pleasure, Skeletor's ever-increasing rage!

10 August 2006

Moonlit rebels...

Here is a lovely illustration by Robin Davies of Bow and Adora riding Arrow towards the Forest of Fear taken from the She-Ra Ladybird book "Spirit is kidnapped." The overall color in this image is particularly striking, especially with the shades of pink and purple dominating the background. It should be noted that Arrow is colored closer to his toy colors and very differently to his appearance in the Filmation series.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

09 August 2006

Intelligent Evil Personalities.

Issue twenty-one of the UK Masters of the Universe comic had a story titled "The Perfect Trap", in which the opening page summarized brilliantly just how differently the comic portrayed Two Bad and Webstor in comparison to their cartoon selves. Here we see Two Bad as an intelligent, creative genius, while Webstor is the problem-solving escape artist. A far cry from their less than intelligent appearances in the cartoon...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

08 August 2006

Reference to the past #2

As I mentioned yesterday, in the season two episode "Happy Birthday Roboto" continuity-loving Larry DiTillio had the characters of Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms reference episodes from season one in very brief conversations. The first referenced "A Tale of Two Cities", whilst the second which I present here references "Keeper of the Ancient Ruins."

For your listening pleasure, Remembering the Zactons

07 August 2006

Reference to the past #1

Larry DiTillio was one of Filmation's most prominent writers during season two of He-Man, and was recognized for his attention to continuity, which the heads of the show shied away from. On two occasions in the episode "Happy Birthday Roboto" Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms reference episodes from season one in very brief conversations. The first occasion occurs at the very beginning of the episode when the characters reference "A Tale of Two Cities." The second I will reveal tomorrow...

For your listening pleasure, Remembering Garn.

06 August 2006

Horde Prime's Messenger.

I was always fascinated by this character that appears to serve Horde Prime in the episode "For Want of a Horse" from She-Ra's season one. Not only does this episode give us a better look at the mysterious location surrounding Horde Prime, but we also get to see some wonderful special effects; the mysterious green glow and almost hellish red make for a striking image. The messenger looks very different in design to what we almost expect in the She-Ra series, and although obviously weak and in servitude to Horde Prime, the being looks very creepy, his mask covering his entire face, insect-like in appearance! Oddly this character never reappeared in the series, but was due to appear in the episode that never made it to screen, "The Silaxian Wars."

(click on the images to see them at full-size)

05 August 2006


You would be forgiven for leaping out of your chair and thinking that Dragoon made an appearance in the She-Ra series, here standing opposite She-Ra and Hordak. This however is the Dark One, the ruler of the Dark Dimension who takes great pleasure in seeing She-Ra and Hordak begrudgingly work together in an effort to escape his maze from the season one episode "Into the Dark Dimension." The Filmation artists used the same Dragoon model for the Dark One! This is one of those occasions where they probably should not have, as Dragoon was a very recognizable one-shot villain from possibly one of the most famous He-Man episodes of the series "Dawn of Dragoon." Even stranger is that the colors on the Dark One are near identical to the ones that Dragoon sported, though they appear to have a slight purple tinge to them. All of this does not spoil "Into the Dark Dimension" one of the best She-Ra episodes of the series!

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

04 August 2006


Dragoon from the He-Man season one episode "Dawn of Dragoon" is fondly remembered as the villainous ally of Skeletor who takes control of Trolla. What you may not know is that Robby London's first draft of the pilot episode "Diamond Ray of Disappearance" actually has Dragoon featured as one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors! As the drafts flew by Dragoon was phased out in favor of Mattel's Evil Warriors...

03 August 2006

I AM the Power!

In many of the early issues of the UK Masters of the Universe comic we would see Prince Adam transform into He-Man. However they would often use the phrase "I AM the Power" instead of "I HAVE the Power", as seen in this panel from issue thirteen's "My Sword, My Enemy!" This change of dialogue made no sense whatsoever to an audience of children who had watched the series for years! My only guess is that the original phrase was misheard by the writer, which I fail to believe, or that they just felt like changing it...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

02 August 2006

Space Pirates!

During the He-Man episode "One for All" we never hear any of the Space Pirates actually named, even though they are very striking characters. So, from left to right we have Lavaman, the rock man, Frogman, the frog man, Leo, the lion man, Batty, whom sits on the shoulder of Stickyfingers, and finally Hisser, the reptile man.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)

01 August 2006


Wow! Jack Olesker, who developed and wrote many episodes of The New Adventures of He-Man actually posted a comment in my Blog! Check it out here; How does a lion find...

In honor of Jack's appearance, today's Blog entry could only feature The New Adventures of He-Man, a series that was often filled with lots of small comic moments that could easily be missed. Here is one of them from the episode "Skeletor's Revenge." As their ship bombards the shield surrounding Primus the evil Skeletor pays Flogg an amusing compliment, who in his own conceited way makes an ever more amusing reply.

For your listening pleasure, Skeletor's compliment...

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