21 August 2006

Birthday Blog #10 - You can't do this!

In The New Adventures of He-Man episode "The Bride of Slushhead" we see a great scene when Slushhead requests that Sagitar be the best man at his wedding, after the warrior had saved the villain's bride-to-be Felka. The best thing about this scene is Staghorn who shows his ever-increasing frustration, and finally loses his patience with Slushhead with hilarious consequences!

For your listening pleasure, Staghorn's frustration!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Anonymous said...

Ah one of my favourite episodes, I like how Slush Head is never really shown to be an evil character. Just a nice guy with a mean streak.

And that's in complete contrast to Staghorn!

Unknown said...

Hahah that was great. You've featured quite a couple of them "frustated character" sound-clips.

Keep them coming!! :)

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