05 August 2006


You would be forgiven for leaping out of your chair and thinking that Dragoon made an appearance in the She-Ra series, here standing opposite She-Ra and Hordak. This however is the Dark One, the ruler of the Dark Dimension who takes great pleasure in seeing She-Ra and Hordak begrudgingly work together in an effort to escape his maze from the season one episode "Into the Dark Dimension." The Filmation artists used the same Dragoon model for the Dark One! This is one of those occasions where they probably should not have, as Dragoon was a very recognizable one-shot villain from possibly one of the most famous He-Man episodes of the series "Dawn of Dragoon." Even stranger is that the colors on the Dark One are near identical to the ones that Dragoon sported, though they appear to have a slight purple tinge to them. All of this does not spoil "Into the Dark Dimension" one of the best She-Ra episodes of the series!

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He-Fan said...

Great to see a pic of that awesome DVD quality from "Into the Dark Dimension", one of my favourite episodes - it really makes my mouth water!! :)

Jukka said...

It propably wouldn't be that much of a big deal, except that both "Dawn of Dragoon" and "Into the Dark Dimension" are both memorable episodes and classics in one way or another.

"Dawn of Dragoon" for introducing Trolla, Dree-Elle and a bit of history for Orko.

"Into the Dark Dimension" for the riveting pair-up of She-Ra and Hordak, that seems to bring out the best of both in this atypical hero-villain team-up.

Anonymous said...

Compared to Dragoon, The Dark One appears to be the height of both Granamyr and Morning Star (As seen in He-Man's "Battle Of The Dragons"), or close to it, anyway. Voice actor George Dicenzo did an excellent job giving the character a haunting voice, too!

The Dark One was a mysterious character because, at one point in the episode, when he spoke to himself, The Dark One seemed as if he was planning to break his promise (Hordak style) to let She-Ra and Hordak leave his dimension, should they overcome all of the obstacles that they encounter!

It was also a treat to see another "stock monster" make a reappearance in this episode ... One that was previously featured in both "The Witch And The Warrior" and "Trouble In Trolla," and was a different color each time!

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Avinator said...

maybe he is one of dragoon's relatives! A cousin, perhaps?

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