29 August 2006


Next month is going to be a HUGE month for this Blog! From September 4th 2006 onwards I will be working freelance, so I will have the time to work a few new things into this Blog that I have wanted to for a while. There is a BIG anniversary in September to celebrate, so expect MORE Blog entries than there are days in the month! Also next month I will be featuring a lot more storyboard artwork and scripts, a LOT more!

And now, onto today's entry...

The season two He-Man episode "Betrayal of Stratos" features a very interesting scene that creates a few continuity problems with the villain Whiplash. Kraal, the King of Demons in the Demon Zone appears to be Whiplash's master of sorts, even though the series has already established that Whiplash works for the Evil Warriors of Skeletor. Even odder is that Kraal appears to know of his services to the Lord of Destruction, which begs the question; what is Kraal's relationship to Whiplash? Filmation's artists created a wonderful image of Kraal with his mouth and expressions really emphasizing his dialogue, and Alan Oppenheimer giving the demon a great deep voice, similar to Dragoon from season one's "Dawn of Dragoon." It should be noted that the design of Kraal is actually the same as Daimar from the season one episode "Daimar the Demon." The image of Kraal is quite evil and probably scared a few children, his red face surrounded by the fire. Even more interesting are the carvings on the side of the fire pit, which also resemble his face.


Anonymous said...

Until reading the "Orko's Fun Facts" for "Betrayal of Stratos," on the DVD set, I never actually noticed that Kraal's design was taken from "Daimar The Demon!" That's amazing! Plus, I've never noticed the demonic facial carvings all around Kraal's firepit, either, until viewing this screenshot. :)

For me, the worst plot device in the episode was that the door to the Demon Zone could be opened "only twice a year" ... Why? They should have gotten rid of that "rule," since it really served no purpose in the episode!

It would have been amusing if Kraal actually displayed some of his powers, like if he were to shoot laser beams from his eyes!

Thanks for posting and reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

the suhr said...

the demon design is hugely similar to a dungeons and dragons demon design in one of their books from that time period. i should scan it in and send it to you.


Unknown said...

This character is definitely something that I would have loved seeing more. As well as the idea of Whiplash going solo or possibly working for some other Evil entity.

Still odd place for the episode to appear if Whiplash already was seen working for Skeletor.

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