31 March 2008

Could you at least turn your back?

Here is one of my favorite little moments from the last episode of the Masters of the Universe series animated by Mike Young Productions; "Awaken The Serpent". Not only had we just witnessed an extremely cool scene with the most powerful man in the universe having the power literally knocked out of him, but this is the moment when we learn that Zodak knows that Prince Adam and He-Man are one and the same!

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30 March 2008

Systems guidance error!

Here is a great clip from The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Collision Course" featuring Staghorn and B.H. disguised as robots. There are many comical moments in this clip, especially the way in which the two bumbling villains impersonate robot voices. Staghorn is possibly one of my favorite characters from this series, because he had an incredibly well-rounded personality, and a superb accent to match. He also gets the best line in this scene, "Nothing for me thanks, I'm fine."

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29 March 2008

Unable to transform...

Having been transformed back from He-Man after being struck by a bolt of lightning in The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Sanctuary", Adam raises the sword and calls upon the power of Eternia. It may just be me, but I think there is something unintentionally amusing when the camera pulls back and no transformation is taking place. I cannot stand the fact that Sebrian refers to a missing "ingredient"; "element" would have been a better choice of word...

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28 March 2008

The Transium Ore advert!

In The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Cold Freeze" the planet Primus freezes over, prompting Skeletor to contact the heroes offering them a chance to save themselves. The visuals in this scene with Flogg and Slushhead are so ridiculous that you cannot help but smile!

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27 March 2008

He-Man defeated by Slushhead?!

When I first saw the conclusion to this battle between He-Man and Slushhead from the episode "Sanctuary" I was admittedly quite surprised! What starts off as a fight interrupted by a force of nature ends up with He-Man defeated by Slushhead followed by a dramatic twist that you will probably not see coming...

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26 March 2008

I'm just tired, Cringer...

Throughout the He-Man series the bond between Prince Adam and his cowardly cat Cringer was addressed by some of the writers. However it was not until season two that Robert Lamb's "Into they Abyss" revealed Cringer to not only be Adam's voice of reason, but also his confidant...

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25 March 2008

That will be all...

Robert Lamb penned one of the most character-driven episodes of the He-Man series when he wrote "Into the Abyss". This first tense exchange between Prince Adam and Teela underlines the superb writing and great voice acting...

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24 March 2008

Here's a quick science lesson...

Yes, we all know that He-Man and She-Ra carried a weight a moral lessons across the series, but occasionally you could actually learn something different about the world in which we live. One of the most specific and intricate science lessons to appear in the He-Man series occurs in the season one episode "Temple Of The Sun". To this day I can still spout He-Man's dialogue word for word making it appear that I actually know something!

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23 March 2008

Timm's Sorceress...

It is incredibly hard not to love what Bruce Timm brought to the Masters of the Universe minicomics. In this wonderful illustration from the classic minicomic "The Search for Keldor" we see his unique way of drawing females that would be a trait in his later work on the Batman cartoon.

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21 March 2008

Evil Guests...

As I have mentioned before the Ladybird book "She-Ra and the surprise party" features one of the earlier Princess of Power story trends in which everyone is considered good, even Catra. Here is the scene where Catra and Clawdeen arrive at the party, plotting to create a disturbance by taking the presents for themselves! If only Terry Gabbey's style could have been lent to a more creditable story...

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20 March 2008

Hello, gentlemen!

The season one He-Man episode "A Tale of Two Cities" is unique in the fact that not one familiar location appears in the episode. Also the only two characters we recognize in the episode are He-Man and Battle Cat, and of course their alter egos. I always liked this scene, the first little action scene of the episode with He-Man fighting against the Gargon warriors. The one shot that always makes me chuckle is when He-Man throws one of the Gargons through the air towards the mud and the creature lets out a slightly misplaced over-the-top roar!

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Ever think of going into the circus?

I always say that "Three on a Dare" is the season two He-Man episode that feels like a season one episode, and there are many elements that give that impression; none more so than Skeletor's original line up of villains! The action scenes towards the end of the episode are some of the most amusing ever to grace the He-Man series, including this one with He-Man fighting Beast Man, Mer-Man and Trap Jaw...

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Your Majesty!

Here is another memorable scene from the season two He-Man episode "The Rainbow Warrior" showcasing the moment when the heroes learn the identity of the mysterious pilot that has saved their lives. Of course one of the best bits of this scene is He-Man's near slip-up!

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19 March 2008

Interesting Ladybird style...

Terry Gabbey's artwork was refreshing when he illustrated the Ladybird book "She-Ra and the surprise party". His style was quite classical and yet perfectly suited the Princess of Power books. In this image we can see just how he handles the more comical She-Ra characters. And I have to say, Madame Razz has never looked this good!

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18 March 2008


It is sometimes quite amusing to discover just how much work went into creating something like Bow's Combow! Here I present a rather detailed guide meant for the animators and directors as to how exactly the Combow should function in the Princess of Power series. And you thought it was just a simple instrument...

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15 March 2008

Things are backwards here...

FIVE videos today!

For me this scene from the season one He-Man episode "Dawn of Dragoon" is quintessentially He-Man. It is dramatic, action-packaged, silly and funny all at the same time! When you take a step back and think about this scene it boarders on the preposterous, yet fits perfectly into the He-Man series. I have pointed this out before, but the moment when Prince Adam realizes what he must do to transform into He-Man is priceless!

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She's very special indeed.

The ending to the season two He-Man episode "Origin of the Sorceress" is one of the most touching scenes in the series. The dialogue between the Sorceress and He-Man is incredibly well-written and heartfelt, and the final exchange between Man-At-Arms and He-Man compliments the scene perfectly! How appropriate it is that an episode about the Sorceress ends with a shot of her flying through the Eternian skies as Zoar...

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Today I broke a promise...

Without a doubt one of the series' best episodes "The Problem With Power" features many outstanding scenes. Of course the scene that we have all discussed over the years is the moment when Prince Adam makes the choice to relinquish the power of Castle Grayskull and give up being He-Man. This is probably one of the most impressively directed scenes of the entire series, with shadows used to create the mood.

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We must climb down...

Robert Lamb's "Into the Abyss" is without a doubt one of the most character-driven episode in the series. After Teela has fallen into the abyss surrounding Castle Grayskull we know that the episode's second act will become a rescue story. Even so the character development is still there with the cast in shock realizing that Teela is down in the abyss. When the rescue attempt begins we have no idea what we are about to learn until Prince Adam raises the Sword of Power and the abyss begins to react...

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I guess I'm stuck with it.

The end of the season two He-Man episode "Battlecat" features a great little scene with Prince Adam and Cringer. After Man-At-Arms' lengthy story of how Cringer first became Battle Cat we return to the present day where we see Prince Adam and Cringer affirm their companionship. Incidentally this scene was written late in the day as the episode was original scripted and even storyboarded to end during the flashback story.

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14 March 2008

Easy, Cringer...

Here I present the most memorable scene from the season two He-Man episode "Battlecat" where we finally learn how Cringer became Battle Cat for the first time. My favorite part of this scene is of course Cringer's point of view with Prince Adam holding the Sword of Power aloft...

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I heard a call for help.

I always thought this little action scene at the beginning of the season two He-Man episode "One for All" was a good way to introduce the regular cast into the already Space Pirate-heavy episode. There are a lot of good moments in this scene with Rose precariously balanced atop the boulder, Hisser firing his freeze rays, and He-Man being his typically charming self.

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13 March 2008

Farewell, Light Hope.

I always thought that this exchange between She-Ra and Light Hope was one of the strongest in the series. No other episode established their relationship as good as this one, or the role that the Crystal Castle played in the life of She-Ra. Larry DiTillio's dialogue is perfect for this scene, as is the voice acting by Melendy Britt and Lou Scheimer.

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Into the sunset...

For much of the He-Man series it was hinted that both He-Man and Teela cared a great deal for one another. Finally "The Problem With Power" presented us with the scene that we all wanted to see; He-Man carrying Teela off into the sunset...

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12 March 2008

I'll be waiting.

"Dawn of Dragoon" is not only one of the best Orko episodes, but also one of the best episodes to feature Dree Elle. I was always somewhat disappointed by Dree Elle's subsequent appearances in the He-Man and She-Ra series, mainly because the animators made her design more kid-friendly, and less mysterious as seen in this episode. This scene featuring Orko and Dree Elle's declaration of love to one another is probably one of the most memorable scenes in the entire He-Man series. And in case you are wondering, yes, Filmation did design Orko face...

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Give me one more chance!

The opening to Paul Dini's classic "Prince Adam No More" has a wonderful scene with Beast Man being thrown out of Snake Mountain. Not only do we have fantastic comic book-like dialogue, but we also see the original collection of Evil Warriors as seen in "Diamond Ray of Disappearance". This was possibly one of the last times in the series that Beast Man was at his most menacing in an episode.

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11 March 2008

Teela falls!

Act one of "Into the Abyss" ends shockingly with Teela's terrifying fall into the abyss that surrounds Castle Grayskull. The build up to the scene is excellent with calm music and no real indication of what is about to happen. I remember Robert Lamb and I discussing this scene a few years back; he mentioned that his original idea for the scene was written to have Teela hanging onto the edge as act one ended, emphasizing the term "cliffhanger"...

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I've always been very proud of you...

After a small scene in "The Energy Beast" we all questioned whether or not Queen Marlena knew if Prince Adam and He-Man were one and the same. Bob Forward's dialogue, Linda Gary's voice acting, and Gwen Wetzler's directing of this final scene from "The Rainbow Warrior" pretty much indicate that she knows a connection between her son and the most powerful man in the universe exists...

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10 March 2008

I never knew my mother...

TWO videos today!

The season two He-Man episode "Teela's Triumph" is one of the series' best episodes, as it addresses the connection between Teela and the Sorceress stronger than any other episode since "Teela's Quest". The plot perfectly foreshadows Teela's destiny in becoming the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, and the final scene between mother and daughter is both beautiful and heartbreaking...

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I know I'm going to hate myself for this...

Some of the best moments in the He-Man series occur when our favorite green and yellow-striped tiger complains! In this memorable scene from "Temple of The Sun" Cringer is at his whiny best, regretfully conceding that Battle Cat does have his usefulness. It is interesting to see that on this occasion He-Man calls upon the power of Grayskull, whereas in episodes such as "A Beastly Sideshow" and "The Witch and The Warrior" he would just point the sword at Cringer...

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09 March 2008

Invaders! Invaders on board!

The season two She-Ra episode "Assault On The Hive" presents the Evil Warriors as an incredible threat. Here we see Skeletor, Beast Man and Trap Jaw overthrow and enslave a peaceful race of people! The beginning of this scene, directed by Rich Trueblood, is perfect...

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08 March 2008

Return of the Evil Warriors.

"Assault On The Hive" is memorable for featuring the last ever appearance by Skeletor and his Evil Warriors. One of the best moments of the She-Ra episode occurs when we see the Hive in outerspace and, not knowing this is a crossover, unexpectedly hear a very familiar laugh...

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07 March 2008

But progress does force changes.

"Island of Fear" features an interesting moral segment, and a surprising one for Filmation. Often in the He-Man and She-Ra series the characters would speak about protecting their environment, specifically the "life" of trees always had to be protected. Scripts would always state that if a hero or heroine used a tree in some way during a battle the tree would have to be already uprooted, so that the good guys weren't "killing" trees. In a mature moral Adam and Teela actually talk about how progress sometimes means they have to "take down trees in order to put up buildings". For Filmation this was a very realistic moral...

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06 March 2008


"Assault On The Hive" features the last ever appearance by Filmation's He-Man and Skeletor. The final scene between the pair is by no means a classic, but it is thoroughly entertaining, and Skeletor's final line reminds us of their never-ending, yet familiar battle with one another. When Comet Cat rushes off to capture Skeletor it's hard not to laugh as He-Man calmly hums to himself whilst examining his nails...

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05 March 2008

Capture! Capture!

"The Missing Ax" from She-Ra's season one features a throwaway scene right at the beginning of the episode. The fight between She-Ra and the Captron is made all the more amusing by the Horde Trooper's demands for the robot to "Capture! Capture!" The manner in which the Captron malfunctions and imprisons the Horde Trooper is comical!

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04 March 2008

This should be fun...

This scene from the season one She-Ra episode "He Ain't Heavy" features the kind of humor that Bob Forward always wrote into the series. Although the directing is not even close to Tom Tataranowicz's best the pace of the scene, and the dialogue from Bow make it work...

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03 March 2008

Captured by Hordak!

"He Ain't Heavy" opens with an obvious, yet interesting premise with Hordak capturing Prince Adam. There are so many things to enjoy in this scene; not only do we get to see the Prince of Eternia in the Fright Zone, but also we see him preparing to fight a group of Horde Troopers with the Sword of Power unsheathed. Most unexpected and best of all is when the commonly-cowardly Prince races towards Hordak in an attempt to stop the ruthless leader of the Evil Horde!

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02 March 2008

The end of the road!

"Three Courageous Hearts" is the season one She-Ra episode that showcases the three comic relief characters of Madame Razz, Broom and Kowl. What surprises many is that the three of them feature in some thoroughly entertaining action sequences, none more so than this scene featuring a bed doubling up as a sled...

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01 March 2008

Put me down...

The rebels fought against the Horde Troopers in many an episode of She-Ra. The goal for the staff working on each episode was to make these fight scenes original, and not too repetitive. Given Filmation's use of stock animation, this was often hard to achieve. However the season one episode "The Prisoners of Beast Island" features a very original and highly amusing fight scene featuring Bow, Kowl and a malfunctioning Horde Trooper. The scene boarders on slapstick...

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