12 March 2008

Give me one more chance!

The opening to Paul Dini's classic "Prince Adam No More" has a wonderful scene with Beast Man being thrown out of Snake Mountain. Not only do we have fantastic comic book-like dialogue, but we also see the original collection of Evil Warriors as seen in "Diamond Ray of Disappearance". This was possibly one of the last times in the series that Beast Man was at his most menacing in an episode.

Download the video clip!


Anonymous said...

Here's one of the few times that Beast-Man actually "talks back" to Skeletor! He also does so in "The Dragon Invasion," but the dialog is more prolonged in this episode!

Also check out "The Mystery Of Man-E-Faces," where Beast-Man, along with Skeletor, comes across as a bully!

Best line in this scene, for Beast-Man:
"You haven't seen the last of MEEEEEEEE!" :)

Thanks for reading! God Bless...

~KevyGuy :)
* * * * * * *

Vinto-Man said...

Was great to see Beast-Man go into business for himself with all the Shadow Beasts laughing at him! Favourite line from this episode would of course pertain to Randors "Trusty left hook"

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