30 March 2008

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Here is a great clip from The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Collision Course" featuring Staghorn and B.H. disguised as robots. There are many comical moments in this clip, especially the way in which the two bumbling villains impersonate robot voices. Staghorn is possibly one of my favorite characters from this series, because he had an incredibly well-rounded personality, and a superb accent to match. He also gets the best line in this scene, "Nothing for me thanks, I'm fine."

Download the video clip!

1 comment:

David Monid said...

Staghorn being a favourite of yours huh...it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he happens to have a British accent? :D Oh wait yes it is, well I admit that's one factor of him I liked as well, he's accent really stood out from all the Canadain ones on the show.

That just seems to be the purpose for Mutants in life, to fight and to make fools of themselves. :D

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