31 January 2010

He-Man and She-Ra in cereal:geek #2

Here is the second of five posts showcasing just a few of the He-Man and She-Ra articles and illustrations that have appeared across the first five issues of cereal:geek magazine. Find out more at www.cerealgeek.com - Be sure to pick up the incredibly affordable 100 page PDF specials, too!

(click on the images to see them at full-size)


Kevin Martinell said...

These are all great! Sorceress looks as life-like as possible! The different versions of Skeletor on one panel are fantastic! Excellent style on "New Adventures" He-Man and Teela! Wonderful article and image display on the "Sweet Bee's Home" episode, and finally, an amusing "Real Ghostbusters" expression on Prince Adam's face, in the image of Adam and Orko. :)
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

Brett said...

That image of the Sorceress has always been one of my favorites! She's so life-like, and the detailing on her headdress is exquisite!

Aldebaran said...

The Sorceress looks really beautiful. Regal, wise but feminine.

Tyler Baker said...

I really like the evolution of Skeletor layout! That one picture of him grasping what looks like a control lever looks very different but very cool. I'm assuming that was from one of the uk books b/c I've seen just about every book in the U.S. and havent seen it before.

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