20 January 2010

Interviewed by Masters of the Universe Chronicles! :)

Chris Vint interviewed me about my fanatical devotion to all things He-Man and She-Ra related for his Masters of the Universe Chronicles Podcast. Be sure to download it and listen to me talk for one hour and ten minutes! In the interview I talk about growing up as a fan, as well as my numerous experiences working on official He-Man and She-Ra material.

You can download it at The Pop Culture Network, and Masters of the Universe Chronicles, or even subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes.

I also strongly recommend joining the Masters of the Universe Chronicles Facebook group. Chris is looking for more fans to contribute to the Podcast, and I know for a fact that he has some interviews lined up with some of the most important people associated with He-Man and She-Ra!


Kevin Martinell said...

An hour and ten minutes! If I knew that I would have flown down there and given you a big pitcher of water for speaking for all that time! I can understand an hour, but the extra ten minutes is quite a stretch. :) Congratulations, Sir! Keep up the wonderful work. :)
Thanks for reading and God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

Rory said...

Listened to it also, probably the longest interview done on that forum to! Great effort, I especially loved your little rant on MYP's vulgar use of the Snake Men, I was thrilled to see them finally get their moment in the spotlight after nothing on Filmation save for Kobra Khan and Rattlor (sort of), but yeah, in retrospect they really overstayed their welcome.
I hope you will be able to publish that new issue of Cereal Geek cause what you talked about on it sounded really tantalizing, especially with the new art by Val and Emilliano XD!
~ Rory "theblock"

Chris Sunday said...

Remember listening to this one while walking around Walmart. Like when Chris Vint has you on the show!

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