30 June 2010

Hydron and Mara were dating?

In the first episode of The New Adventures of He-Man we see Hydron and Mara in the early stages of a date. It is odd that their date took place via a video screen, but things on Primus are probably carried out slightly different. In any case, this possible sub-story was dropped almost immediately and we never saw either individual show interest in the other. Which is a shame as Mara would go on to take interest in both Adam and He-Man, which could have led to interesting conflicts with Hydron...

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29 June 2010

Talking dogs?

An earlier gag in this story from issue fifty-three of the UK Masters of the Universe comic had Orko fool Snout Spout into thinking that a dog was talking. Given that a variety of creatures on Eternia have the ability to speak I think Snout Spout is well within his rights to believe that a dog can talk...

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28 June 2010


Acrobad the villain who appeared in the She-Ra season one episode "The Wizard" is one of the least acknowledged villains, and yet should be noted as the villain who more than any other nearly became a toy! During production of the series Mattel gave Filmation a conceptual illustration of a new jester like character whose toy action feature was to perform great leaps; Filmation turned this proposed Mattel toy into Acrobad. However, at some point Mattel decided not to pursue a toy of the character and he was quite literally left on the drawing board; though Filmation gave the character some screen time...

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26 June 2010

Two more movies?!

Here is a quite stunning and unbelievable answer from Scrollos in the letters column of issue forty-nine of the UK Masters of the Universe comic. The reader asks if there will be any more live-action movies, to which Scrollos dares to respond that according to his Galactic Computer there will be two more movies! I think Scrollos needed to take his Galactic Computer to the scrap yard!

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25 June 2010

He-Man's shield...

Writers and animation directors must hate shields. In the Filmation series we never saw He-Man with the shield that came with his action figure. Yes, the shield appeared briefly in "She-Demon of Phantos" used by Prince Adam, but that does not really count. The same applies to She-Ra; she never had her toy shield, and would rarely transform her sword into a shield. When it came to The New Adventures of He-Man series we saw He-Man once or twice wield the shield that came with his action figure, but like previous shields it rarely if ever appeared again!

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22 June 2010

I've written a book! :)

I have just completed the book some would say I was destined to write! The unofficial cartoon guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe meticulously covers all 130 episodes of the Filmation series. Within its 300+ pages are 700+ pieces of trivia, 460+ deleted scenes, 360+ examples of animation reuse, 380+ quotes, 50+ abandoned episodes, and a LOT more! You can pre-order the book on the website now. The more pre-orders I receive the sooner I can publish the book!


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21 June 2010

Red Ripper?

The UK Masters of the Universe comic often created a variety of color schemes for the vehicles that belonged to both the Heroic Warriors and Evil Warriors. Issue seventy-one features a unique, and dare I say better, color scheme for the Road Ripper. Here we see that the vehicle is red instead of the garish green that adorned the toy. That said, I am not sure what to make of the yellow wheels; I think that may be a genuine coloring error!

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20 June 2010

The Snake Lord!

I always thought that this panel from issue sixty-two of the UK Masters of the Universe comic gave us a unique and pretty impressive title for King Hiss. Whilst the illustration is nothing spectacular I love the text in the corner box which refers to his true snake form as the "Snake Lord"! No doubt many would have passed over this piece of text and not really given it a second look, but it is a striking title nonetheless.

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18 June 2010

Shakra was Mara?

We know that on many an occasion Filmation would reuse character models in both the He-Man and She-Ra series. However, a notable character model was almost reused in a season two episode of She-Ra. Mara from Filmation's Blackstar series was originally going to be reused as the model for Shakra, the character that appeared in the episode "The Caregiver", and who was revealed to have taken care of Adora during her time spent with the Horde. Now while I am pleased that they created a new model for Shakra I think it would have been interesting to see Mara and Adora side by side...

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17 June 2010

The Snakemen never served Hordak...

What I loved about the letters column that appeared in the UK Masters of the Universe comic is that either they did not want to associate themselves with the cartoon, or more likely they did not know too much about the cartoon. The writer of this letter that appeared in issue sixty-six is clearly referencing the She-Ra episodes in which we saw both Rattlor and Tung Lashor serve the Horde. I like how Scrollos flat out denies that the Snakemen ever served Hordak!

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15 June 2010

I am Adam!

Until I saw "The Problem With Power" I was under the impression that this was the only way in which He-Man would transform back into Prince Adam. The UK Masters of the Universe comic used the "I am Adam!" transformation dialogue many times over; this panel in particular coming from the story which details the origin of He-Man in issue thirty-eight. I really like the illustration and strength of Prince Adam's pose, but in all honesty, even as a kid, I never believed that it sounded quite right...

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14 June 2010


In an odd scene from The New Adventures of He-Man episode "Sword & Staff" we see Skeletor engage in a game of Tic-tac-toe in order to gain access to the powerful crystal that he desires to possess. While it is an amusing gag, it seems somewhat misplaced in an ancient underground stronghold...

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13 June 2010

The green Mantisaur explained!

In a previous post, many years ago, I mused as to why the Mantisaur was green in the She-Ra episode "A Talent for Trouble".

The truth is that the early Mattel conceptual illustrations of the Mantisaur portrayed the creature with an all-green color scheme. Also, in the Mattel illustration it was simply called Manta. The Filmation model sheet of the creature refers to it as Manta, thereby showing how Filmation developed the character for animation.

11 June 2010

Hordak and the Sword of Power!

I always thought this was an awesome illustration of Hordak from issue seventy-one of the UK Masters of the Universe comic. How often did we see Hordak hold the Sword of Power? The answer to that is rarely. Aside from this angle making Hordak look all powerful, I love that this panel was actually a reveal; in that the previous panel showed a villager grabbing He-Man's sword.

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10 June 2010

Beast Man's reaction.

Here is an odd panel from The Secret Files of Scrollos from issue twenty-two of the UK Masters of the Universe comic. In a visual profile for Beast Man we see him ordering some creatures to attack the heroes, showcasing his ability to control the animals of Eternia. In another panel we see him apparently acting as second in command. However, as you can see in the illustration below, it appears that Beast Man is cowering before the approaching odd combination of Webstor and Leech!

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08 June 2010

Mer-Man dies?!

During the Mike Young Masters of the Universe episode "Rise Of The Snake Men" Part 1 we see the Evil Warriors completely overpowered by the Snake Men. In one of the most shocking scenes Mer-Man is turned to stone by Snake Face and subsequently falls to the floor where he breaks into many pieces. It is apparent that at this moment in the series Mer-Man actually dies! I am always impressed by this scene because never did I think that this series would attempt something quite so daring. Fortunately for Mer-Man, Skeletor resurrects him in the following episode...

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07 June 2010

Sword against stone.

Issue four of the UK Masters of the Universe comic features one of the often-forgotten ideas for Prince Adam's transformation into He-Man. In some of the earliest canons it was stated that Prince Adam would have to strike the Sword of Power against stone in order to transform into He-Man. In this panel we can see that the text above the illustration states that his sword was struck against stone; one of the few times the UK comic acknowledged this.

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06 June 2010

Arthur Nadel writes?

One could tell that the She-Ra series had come to an almost sudden end when the title card of the final episode of the series, "Swifty's Baby", revealed that Arthur Nadel had aided J. Larry Carroll in writing this script. Over the years Arthur worked with the writers and writing department to develop the scripts and demand changes as he was Filmation's Vice President for Creative Affairs, but to see his name on the title card of an episode was a surprise.

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04 June 2010

Frit returns?

One of the strangest cameos by far in the She-Ra series is the appearance of Frit in the season two episode "Portrait of Doom". Frit was a fairly important character when he appeared in the season one episode "Play It Again, Bow", as he was revealed to be Madame Razz's former love interest. However, the only thing we see him do in this episode is cheer when the rebels are freed. Interestingly, in the script, he is noted as preparing a statue of She-Ra for a festival; something which is not evident in the actual episode.

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03 June 2010

The Monstroid spins!

The Monstroid was handled in a variety of ways during the original Masters of the Universe line. In the Star Comics the machine was confusingly portrayed as a sentient being, while the She-Ra cartoon gave the Monstroid moniker to a group of transforming robots. Fortunately the UK comic seemed to get the Monstroid right and portrayed it as a very tough machine utilized by the Horde. This action-packed panel from issue seventy-one sums up the power of the Monstroid!

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02 June 2010

Tri-Klops' eyes!

One of the most jaw-dropping action scenes in the Mike Young Masters of the Universe series occurs when the Snake Men overpower all of the Evil Warriors in the first "Rise Of The Snake Men" episodes. By far the most surprising moment is when Tri-Klops is struck by Kobra Khan's venom, partially destroying his rotating visor, and for the first time in any canon we see just how his visor works with his eyes!

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