29 July 2010

Trap Jaw's claw.

For the many that owned the Trap Jaw action figure from the Masters of the Universe toyline we were left wondering why Trap Jaw never employed his claw, one of the three primary attachments that came with his figure, during the animated series. The model sheet for the character showed that the artists had designed the claw, and yet it never appeared on screen. However, in the episode "Golden Disks of Knowledge" for one single shot that lasts all of a second we see Trap Jaw's claw attachment. Even more confusing is that in the previous scene he is seen sporting his gun attachment! This is the one and only time that we ever see the claw, so enjoy it while you can...

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28 July 2010

A crash helmet?

In the She-Ra season one episode "Anchors Aloft" Part 2 we see Adora and Spirit in a Horde prison. Oddly on the wall next to Adora's Sword of Protection we see what appears to be a crash helmet. Not only is it a crash helmet, but it is a crash helmet with a star on the side! I am not sure what purpose this served the Horde army...

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26 July 2010

He-Man's multicolored sword!

The colorists of the UK Masters of the Universe comic more than often did a fantastic job of brining the world of Eternia to life, making it a great deal more colorful and vibrant than even the Filmation cartoon! That said, every once in a while they would get slightly carried away as is evident in this panel from issue sixty. He-Man's Sword of Power has no less than four colors comprising its scheme; blue, yellow, orange and even green! I am honestly not sure what happened, but the colorist may have been tripping or something...

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25 July 2010


Often in the UK Masters of the Universe comic's letters column they would make up things to appease the readers. For example in issue fifty-four a reader asks how Hordak is able to change his arm into a cannon. Now we fans would state something about Horde science being the reason for his abilities, but Scrollos, never to be outdone, explains that the technique Hordak employs to transform his arm into a cannon is called "bio-synth-convertabation". Yeah, right...

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23 July 2010

A brief exchange.

Even though I dislike the episode, "Glimmer's Story" from She-Ra's season one features some nice touches of direction throughout the episode. One of the nice little moments occurs after She-Ra rescues Bow from a raging torrent. As they appear on land the pair exchange a glance; and while She-Ra smiles, Bow looks somewhat confused! I love the way She-Ra folds her arms and positions herself on the bank...

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22 July 2010

Marlena's blue hair!

For those that saw the debut of The New Adventures of He-Man we were all happy to see the show acknowledge the Filmation series in the first episode "A New Beginning". However, while King Randor merely had a new color scheme for his costume, we were left scratching our heads as to why Queen Marlena now sported blue hair! Her appearance in the series will always enable me enjoy the scene regardless of her choice of hair color. Somewhat annoyingly critics of the show will focus on small moments like Queen Marlena's blue hair to back up their argument...

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21 July 2010

Who is right?

I have mentioned before how the letters column in the UK Masters of the Universe comic tended to disassociate itself from the cartoon. In this example from issue fifty-five we see that Scrollos declares that in reference to Roboto's origin, the comic is accurate, stating that the animated series makes changes to the warriors and their stories. I do not think Larry DiTillio writer of "Happy Birthday Roboto" would be too thrilled with that statement. Ironically the cartoon series had already finished production a year before the UK comic released its first issue! Funny that Scrollos chose not to acknowledge that...

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18 July 2010

Blue Raider?

Issue sixty of the UK Masters of the Universe comic features profiles on the vehicles that belong to the Heroic Warriors. The text informs us that the Wind Raider was the first ship to be built; something I can actually believe. Interestingly in this panel we can see that the colorist has decided that the normal color scheme for the Wind Raider is somewhat dull, and so brings new life to the ship with a primarily blue color scheme, with small portions of green scattered throughout. Personally I will always like the original color scheme, but it is interesting to see something new...

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17 July 2010

Evil-Lyn's hair homage.

The season two Masters of the Universe episode "The Price of Deceit" by Mike Young Productions became an instant fan favorite when it aired. Larry DiTillio wanted to make the episode reflect a great deal of his original Filmation material, and at one point the episode was supposed to feature a cameo by Shokoti. Sadly this did not come to pass, but we do see a nice tip of the hat to the original series once Evil-Lyn's headpiece is removed. Much like her appearance in the Filmation episode "The Witch and The Warrior" Evil-Lyn is shown to have short white hair.

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16 July 2010

Odd lights.

The She-Ra season one episode "Anchors Aloft" Part 2 is beautifully directed by Bob Arkwright. There are many wonderful moments of direction throughout this episode, particularly on character animation. However, one oddity occurs when we see a Horde ship depart slowly into the night; it appears to be lit up like the fourth of July! I can understand that the director wants to show the vastness of the ship with all the lights, but the multicolored effect makes it look like a production on Broadway!

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14 July 2010

Sad She-Ra.

"Darksmoke and Fire" is not only one of She-Ra's best episodes, but also features a lot of good character work for She-Ra. One of the loveliest moments in the episode occurs when we see She-Ra, believing herself to be stuck in Eternia's past, sitting alone atop a mountain peak with her head heavy in her hands. It was rare that we saw She-Ra with this expression on her face.

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13 July 2010

Panel of Power!

This powerful panel from issue sixty-six of the UK Masters of the Universe comic has always been one of my favorites. While it may not be the most superbly illustrated panel, the positioning of He-Man, with the Sword of Power breaking free of the panel, work so beautifully! The line work throughout the background, alongside the colors, really do convey that something incredible is happening. He-Man is almost dwarfed by the power around him!

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12 July 2010

Orko on Etheria.

Here is a lovely panning shot of Orko on Etheria from the She-Ra season one episode "A Talent for Trouble". Many will recognize this background as one of the first images of Etheria we see in the first episode of the series "Into Etheria". I have always been a fan of this background, due to the fact that it not only showcases the different ways in which Etheria is designed differently to Eternia, but it also creates a sense of depth with the pathway that sprawls into the distance.

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11 July 2010

Teela's years.

Here is a lovely montage from "The Story of Teela" which featured in issue fifty-seven of the UK Masters of the Universe comic. In these illustrations we see Teela grow up to become a fine warrior. The only slight discrepancy I have is that the Wind Raider the youthful Teela pilots looks a little too small in size. Even though her pose is awkward I do love the image in which we see Teela fighting the two men.

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10 July 2010

An impressive cast!

In one of the final shots of the She-Ra season one episode "The Light of the Crystal" we see an impressive cast line-up, showcasing a variety of characters one would not expect to be seen together. It is always nice to see the Rock People make an appearance, given that they really should have made more appearances throughout the She-Ra series.

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08 July 2010

I am a Sorceress not a doctor!

Shadow Weaver rarely made appearances in the UK Masters of the Universe comic, as she was considered a She-Ra villain, and not part of the initial Horde toy-based line-up. However, Shadow Weaver made a more than memorable appearance in issue forty-two. In particular she delivered a striking piece of dialogue reminiscent of Leonard "Bones" McCoy from the Star Trek series. Often he would be required to perform a task beyond his medical skills to which he would declare, for example, "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer". Here we see Shadow Weaver pay homage to that with, "I am a sorceress not a doctor!"

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07 July 2010

Skeletor saves Hordak...

Issue sixty-six of the UK Masters of the Universe comic has a story in which the forces of evil must unite. In one of the best sequences of the story we see Skeletor save Hordak's life! I love the way the three panels at the bottom are illustrated, the first two in particular taking extreme angles to show the danger of the situation. I think Hordak's piece of dialogue is perfect and sums up his character and the nature of the bad guys quite beautifully!

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05 July 2010

Glimmer readies herself!

"Glimmer Come Home" was an enjoyable episode from She-Ra's season two. One of the best aspects of the episode is the action scene towards the end of the story in which She-Ra and Glimmer on Swift Wind have to stop a Horde ship flying through the skies over Etheria. There are some unique bits of animation throughout the episode, and whilst not stunning, I do love the way in which Glimmer is drawn as she readies herself to fire a powerful blast of energy. Her face is incredibly determined!

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04 July 2010

Teela's room?

In the She-Ra episode "The Anxious Apprentice" we see Ariel, Castaspella's apprentice, sulk off to her room, frustrated at her education. In the establishing panning shot we can see that her room looks rather lovely. However, upon closer inspection we can see that the corridor outside her room looks a lot like those seen within the Royal Palace on Eternia. This is because Ariel's room is in fact Teela's room as seen in the season one He-Man episode "The Starchild".

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03 July 2010

A letter from Aidan Cross #2

Aidan Cross not only had the rare honor of having two letters published in the Masters of the Universe UK comic, but he had them published back-to-back. His first letter appeared in issue sixty-eight, and his second letter which asks a Grizzlor-related question appeared in issue sixty-nine!

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02 July 2010

A letter from Aidan Cross #1

If you do not know who Aidan Cross, is you should. Not only has he been around the He-Man and She-Ra on-line community since its earliest inception, but he also has the rare honor of having two letters published in the Masters of the Universe UK comic! His first letter which appeared in issue sixty-eight asks a valid King Hiss-related question...

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