25 November 2010

Memories #28 - Thief!

In an effort to make a note of all my He-Man and She-Ra childhood memories I've decided that every once in a while I will make reference to them here! There is no particular order to these; just amusing little anecdotes from years gone by.

Our local toy store Jennings not only sold all those wonderful Masters of the Universe action figures, but also the books published by Ladybird. I remember going into Jennings one day and seeing that Ladybird were now publishing She-Ra books! I was so excited when I picked up "She-Ra and the Dark Pool" and saw that it featured He-Man! In excitement I raced out of the shop with the book still in hand and ran up to my father, who was in another shop, and asked him if I could buy it! I was of course blissfully unaware that I had just committed a theft! My father looked at me with an expression of shock and horror and raced me back to the shop with the book. Luckily the shop owners knew that I was not a thief and my father promptly paid for the book. Oops...

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Mosquitor said...

Lol! Sounds like the sort of thing I could imagine myself doing at that age! Reminds me of the time my Grandparents took me shopping at Asda, and when looking at the MOTU display I saw that one of the figures (can't remember which) had a new minicomic. I immediately ripped open the package to get at the minicomic! My Grandad had to carry me screaming out of the store!

She-Ra and the Dark Pool was by far the best of the Ladybird She-Ra books :)

Kevin Martinell said...

Angels must have been watching over you that day. :) Could have happened to any of us at that point in time! Another gorgeous illustration of She-Ra, once again! :)
Thanks for reading! God Bless!
~"KevyGuy" :)
* * * * * * *

Vinto-Man said...

Well its good to see that your father went back and apologised about your eagerness to own this book! the things kids do! thanks for sharing your memories James

David Monid said...

Wow James, Deja Vu! Seriously as I had an experience like that myself, but fortunately it wasen't a He-Man related product, but it was a video tape of the British animated show; The Dreamstone. :D

At our local Our Price Video which later became Playhouse, which later became something I've forgotten, which later became a clothes shop called Bay LOL, they had a copy of the third volume of The Dreamstone, like you with the She-Ra book, I was excited that I litarelly ran out of the shop with the video case in hand and screamed 'YES' to my delight, then my happy buzz was wiped clpean when one of the shop workers came and told me to return the case inside. Now fortunately there had been no video inside, as the keapt all the tapes behind the payment desk, but still I just wished that that woman had shown a little bit more faith in me then that, but granted she didn't know me at all to know that I wasen't going to steal an empty video case with a sleeve on it, I wanted the video that came with it, LOL. Anyway my parents brought it for me and I soon cooled off after that.

Awww you must have been well known at Jennings, that's probably why they forgave you as a frequent costomer who would always pay for his purchises, or rather have the parent do that. :D

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