23 June 2013

Ridiculous detail!

I have been purchasing animation art from the He-Man and She-Ra series for the last fifteen years! One thing that many collectors will miss out on are the pieces of artwork and cels where it appears that there is not much on show. Here is an example of a piece of She-Ra animation art, from the season two episode "One To Count On", in which this appears to be the case. However, upon inspection, you will see that even for such a tiny piece of animation, the Filmation artists were still required to illustrate every little detail. Bear in mind that both Bow and Glimmer are in the distance during this shot, with Clawdeen in the foreground. Dare I say there is an element of cuteness about the way in which they are illustrated.

(click on the image to see it at full-size)


Buzz Chuck said...

Yeah, that's lot of detail for people in the background of a shot. I love the cartoony expressions on their faces.

Kevin Martinell said...

Yes, James! I see what you mean, plus it looks like Glimmer is about to shove Bow forward and tell him to take the initiative to challenge Clawdeen for the both of them. :)

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